Portraiture in Berlin: New from Cake and Various and Gould

Various and Gould

During a visit to Berlin, New York-based street artist Cake has teamed up with locals Various and Gould to plaster the city with an impressive array of images. Two of the prints that Various and Gould posted are part of their Modern Saints series, which brings to light current social concerns through the use of religious iconography. These religious influences are echoed throughout the pair’s work, from the symbology of the objects the figures are holding to the scroll-like patterns repeating in the background.


In a complimenting color palette, the Cake continued creating portraits of those close to her, accompanied by the signature sunset hues and facial expressions for which she is known. The surfaces on which Cake chose to wheatpaste her work add to the aesthetic intrigue. Part of a new series titled The Girls of Fortuna, the melancholic expressions on each figure looks off into the distance is further heightened by the layers of peeling art and tags that dot the walls. Each one seems to be trapped in the visual chaos that surrounds them, looking for a way out.

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Make It Fit

Specter and Various & Gould have a show opening on Saturday at Brooklynite Gallery. The opening is on March 20th from 7-10, and the show runs through April 17th. Specter is one of the most interesting street artists working today in New York, and I can’t wait to see what he has made for this show.

From Brooklynite Gallery:

The concept of “work” can be interpreted in many different ways depending on whom you hit up. Brooklyn-based artist, SPECTER and German duo VARIOUS & GOULD have each located discarded materials, used skill and ingenuity and re-conceptualized things in pulsating ways you might never have imagined.  All this done in effort to turn the concept of “work” on its ear in an exhibition appropriately titled, “Make It Fit”.

Cart-pushers, delivery boys and slave-laborers – take the spotlight in much of the work created by the artist who goes simply by the name Specter. With all of his portraits based on real people living at the bottom of the capitalist barrel, Specter forces the general public to see what they might rather not – those who got left behind. Collecting materials in much the same fashion his subjects do, Specter incorporates shopping carts, bicycles, and crates along with engaging images of your everyday worker, paying special attention to what makes them tick. His work is hand-crafted, retro-fitted, clever and fresh.

For the creative team of Various & Gould the concept of “work” means looking well beyond the vigor of the everyday tasks one has to perform for a paycheck and instead focusing on the surprisingly graceful interaction between a laborer and his tools. Imagine peering into the cut-out holes we often see at a construction site and being exposed to a vibrant world of multi-colored uniforms, enlarged tools and graphic text.  A world where workers trade body parts depending on their needs, moving in tandem while performing their repetitive tasks in a choreographed “workers waltz”.  Using found objects, work related symbols and their refined silkscreen techniques, the line between work and play becomes blurred inside the imaginative minds of Various & Gould.

Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, New York 11233.  We are open Thursday thru Saturday from 1pm – 7pm or by appointment.  We are located 2 blocks from the A or C subway to Utica Ave. stop.

Papergirl Project Open Call

Just got an email this morning about an amazingly cool project that has been going on for the past few years in Berlin. Papergirl distributes packages of art on the street once a year. Sort of like Adam Neate, but Papergirl is open to any artists who send in work, and the art is passed out by bike, sort of kids on a newspaper route. Each package contains a number of works by different artists, so each recipient gets a unique combination of artwork. Check out a video from last year’s Papergirl:

Summer is fast approaching, so the Papergirl team is once again looking for artists to send in work. Last year, a number of artists from across the world participated including Various & Gould and Cake.

Details and PR spiel after the jump…

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