Re+Public’s augmented reality app at Wynwood Walls and Bowery and Houston

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From the great minds of The Heavy Projects and Public Ad Campaign, Re+Public has emerged as the collaborative effort to revision and “democratize” public space through the use of their Augmented Reality app. Two new videos have recently been released which show this technology in full effect: (above) the app reacts to preexisting murals by How & Nosm, AikoRetna, and Ryan McGinness at Miami’s Wynwood Walls by turning the murals into giant 3D animations, and (below) the app unveils the timeline of New York City’s Bowery and Houston wall, including the work of Keith Haring, Faile, Barry McGee, Aiko and others who have historically left their mark on the wall.

You can sign up to download the beta version of Re+Public’s Augmented Reality app on their website. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Keith Haring’s wall depicted in place of How and Nosm’s wall at Houston and Bowery


How and Nosm



Photos courtesy of Public Ad Campaign

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  • Montreal Dan

    that is some awesome techmology


    Would be dope to be able to use that in front of buffed walls, and view images of past graffiti that once existed there. Like that graffiti archaeology site but live on your iphone

  • Caroline Caldwell

    Wow, that is a fantastic idea. Maybe when they further develop the app in the future, that can be apart of it. It’s not far off from what they’ve got so far.

  • lancephoto


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