So many shows about to open

Bom.k and Sowat of Da Mental Vaporz

There are so many interesting shows opening in the next week or two that I thought I’d just throw them all together into one post. Here’s what I think looks worth checking out:

  • Yesterday, the Museum of Sex in New York opened a show that sounds absolutely awesome called F*ck Art. It’s on through June 10th and features artwork by Aiko, El Celso, Lush, Mode2, Cassius Fouler, Miss Van and many more.
  • Love & Hate is a group show opening at StolenSpace this week and runs through March 4th. D*face, Dan Witz, Ronzo, Word to Mother, Jeff Soto, Eine, Charles Krafft and others are included.
  • Chris Stain, Veng and Taka Sudo will be showing together at C.A.V.E. Gallery, beginning February 11th. Brooklyn Street Art has a preview of Chris’ work.
  • Zes and Retna are together at Known Gallery in LA. LA TACO has the info.
  • Nick Mann aka Doodles, Brett Flanigan, Craig Rodgers and Dan Bortz are collaborating with one another in Oakland, CA.
  • Another collaborative group show will be in Da Mental Vaporz‘ (Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Gris1, ISO, Jaw, Kan, and Sowat) show at Melbourne. That show, Le Venin, will be at RTIST Gallery from February 16th through March 4th.
  • All Talk at Pandemic Gallery will include Aakash Nihalani, Cassius Fouler, Gabriel Specter, Jesus Saves, NohJColey and others and runs from February 17th through March 11th.

Photo courtesy of Da Mental Vaporz

Word to Mother’s “Essence Of Adolescence”

Photo by S.Butterfly

Word to Mother’s show Essence of Adolescence opened last week at Stolenspace in London. S.Butterfly and Paul Nine-O took some photos. Here are some of my favorites, and they each larger sets on flickr.

Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by Paul Nine-O
Photo by Paul Nine-O
Photo by Paul Nine-O

Photos by S.Butterfly and Paul Nine-O

Moniker Art Fair opens today

Back again this year at Village Underground in London, the Moniker Art Fair is opening today and will be open through Sunday. In contrast to the Frieze art fair (also on this weekend in London), Moniker is free and focuses on work by street artists and low-brow artists. This year, galleries exhibiting at Moniker include Stolenspace, Scream, LeBasse Projects, Shea & Ziegler (Frankie Shea of Moniker/CampBarbossa teaming up with Tina Ziegler) and Andenken Gallery.

The program at this year’s fair is packed, so make sure to check it out before heading over, as there are a number of special events like print releases and artist talks going on. Hooked Blog is running tours of the fair and the surrounding street art on the weekend, something I had a lot of fun doing on a more informal basis last year.

In addition to gallery booths, the fair includes project spaces for individual artists. This year, Matt Small, Beejoir, Best Ever, Peeta, Dabs and Myla will be showing work in the project spaces.

Photo courtesy of Moniker Projects

Next week: Stolenspace’s summer group show


Stolenspace Gallery‘s summer group show opens next week, on July 7th. All the work in this show, prints and originals, will be new. The artist lineup includes D*face, Dan Witz, Eine, Miss Van, Ripo, San, Shepard Fairey, Word To Mother and a number of others. Check out the full artist list on Stolenspace’s website. Here’s a great little piece from Dan Witz that will be there:

Dan Witz

The show runs from the 7th of July (opening from 6-9pm) through July 31st.

Photos courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery

Buff Monster in London

God help us all. On April 28, Stolenspace Gallery in London will play host to one of Los Angeles’ most hyped up street artists: Buff Monster. The show is entitled The Reign of Pink. I cannot wait to put on my Harajuko outfit and show up to the opening smiling and all the cutesy and colorful crap that Buff has to offer. If he paints a wall or wheatpastes in London, well I doubt the paint would be dry before someone rips it down/covers it up/throws up on it.

I don’t normally copy and past press releases, but this one is now a personal favorite of mine to describe this upcoming bastardization of urban art:

Buff Monster lives in Hollywood and cites heavy metal music ice cream and Japanese culture as major influences. The colour pink, a symbol of confidence, individuality and happiness is present in everything he creates. Buff Monster’s creative endeavors began by putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters across Los Angeles and in far-away places. His frequent poster missions developed into a productive street art career and he now works on fine art paintings, collectible toys and select design projects. He paints on wood, taking great care to create his images as flat as possible, and his work has been shown in galleries worldwide, often accompanied by large installations. Buff Monster works tirelessly day and night to spread happiness, joy and a love of pink.

I was going to try and retype a press release that would be even more affable than the actual one, but I just couldn’t think of anything funnier than the aforementioned. Ok, I will try to be nice here and give Buff credit where credit is due. He is standing up for all of the real men who wear pink, like Hello Kitty and wish anime characters were real women. Those are causes that definitely need to be artistically expressed. Spread the pink!

Eh, at least he makes decent toys.

Photo courtesy of Stolenspace

Kid Acne solo at Stolenspace next week

Rhythm is a Dancer is Kid Acne‘s latest solo show, opening next week at Stolenspace Gallery in London. The show will focus on Kid Acne’s art fag characters. While Neckface utilized the pun in a similar way earlier, Kid Acne has done some cool stuff with this series. Also, I think Neckface just did cartoons of “fags,” not “art fags.” Anyway, Kid Acne’s art fags are fun. It should be interesting to see them come indoors (especially since that’s what so-called “art fags” do, right? Bring their street art indoors and sell out?). Kid Acne definitely knows how to have a little laugh at himself, and I like that.

The show opens on the evening of March 31st and runs through April 24th. Check it out.

Photo courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery

Preview: Ronzo at StolenSpace Gallery this week

Ronzo‘s second solo show at London’s StolenSpace Gallery, Crackney’s Finest, opens on Thursday evening, and Ronzo sent over a couple of photos of the show coming together…

While Ronzo may be best known for his sculptures, he also makes cool distopian dioramas

The show is going to include paintings, collages, prints and sculptures. While my favorite artworks from Ronzo are his diorama paintings, I think most people’s favorites are probably the giant sculptures like these…

Crackney’s Finest opens at StolenSpace on Thursday and runs through November 28th, so get there quick.

Photos by Ronzo

Wild Fantasies features a Decade of Don’t Panic Posters

Yes, I know this post is a week late, but give me a break. I have photos! Well, borrowed photos (thanks Sandra!).

So last week premiered the Stolenspace opening of some amazing work by artists featured in the Don’t Panic packs that you find around London. On the walls hung pieces by Shepard Fairey, C215 and Word to Mother; pretty much a whose who of contemporary street art. I especially like the latest piece by D*Face. You cannot go wrong with a Spiderman motif.

I had to laugh though. I guess I have never seen how dedicated street art collectors are, because there was a crazy line to buy the posters. Not knowing what original you were going to receive, guys were walking out with four or five tubes under their arms after waiting in line for over an hour while trying to balance a drink. Eager beavers.

Photos courtesy of s.butterfly