Kid Acne solo at Stolenspace next week

Rhythm is a Dancer is Kid Acne‘s latest solo show, opening next week at Stolenspace Gallery in London. The show will focus on Kid Acne’s art fag characters. While Neckface utilized the pun in a similar way earlier, Kid Acne has done some cool stuff with this series. Also, I think Neckface just did cartoons of “fags,” not “art fags.” Anyway, Kid Acne’s art fags are fun. It should be interesting to see them come indoors (especially since that’s what so-called “art fags” do, right? Bring their street art indoors and sell out?). Kid Acne definitely knows how to have a little laugh at himself, and I like that.

The show opens on the evening of March 31st and runs through April 24th. Check it out.

Photo courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery