An update from Rone

Wonderwalls, Wollongong, NSW
Wonderwalls, Wollongong, NSW

Rone has been busy since returning from San Francisco. He’s been painting lots of walls in Australia in various different new styles and has been involved in a number of collaborations. Loving all the new pieces around Melbourne. He is currently in Miami painting some amazing walls. Here’s a few of my favourite pieces. Also check out the great video by Callum Preston.

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Living Walls curates walls at Miami Art Basel

In collaboration with Fountain Art Fair and Samson Contompasis’ The Marketplace Gallery, the people of Living Walls have been given 175 ft. of wall space to divvy out amongst artists at Fountain. From December 6 to the 9th, 22 street artists including Rone, LNY, Trek Mathews, Jaz, Ever, Dal East, Faith47, Pixel Pancho, Never 2501, Joe Iurato and more will be painting Fountain’s outdoor courtyard.

The rise in success of Living Walls over the last 3 years has been fascinating to watch. This is their second year at Miami Basel but their first year there curating walls. Indoors they’ll have a booth, showing the works of a few international artists like La Pandilla, Interesni Kazki, and some of the artists listed above, as well as a few Atlanta favorites. Definitely looking forward to seeing their contribution.

Video courtesy of Living Walls

Rone goes big in San Francisco 

Photo by Luke McManus

Rone is in San Francisco for his latest show at White Walls Gallery, Darkest Before the Dawn.

I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco while Rone is and I got to experience the epic piece he painted on a wall in the Tenderloin district. This is one of the biggest walls I’ve see him paint (with the exception of Pow Wow Hawaii) and while this piece was based on the one he painted in Hawaii it has evolved to reflect his new style.

Photo by Luke McManus
Photo by Luke McManus
Photo by Luke McManus
Photo by Luke McManus. Click to view large.

Also here are some preview shots of his work from his exhibition which opens tonight.

Photo courtesy of White Walls Gallery
Photo courtesy of White Walls Gallery


Photos by Luke McManus and courtesy of White Walls Gallery

Rone’s “Darkest Before the Dawn” coming to White Walls Gallery

Rone (Everfresh) from Melbourne is having a show in September at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco.

His work just keeps getting better and better, I’m loving his new style.

From the press release:

White Walls is pleased to present “Darkest Before the Dawn,” the first SF solo show of Melbourne-based artist Rone to follow his successful San Francisco debut in the “Young and Free” showcase of Australian street artists at 941 Geary in 2011. “Darkest Before the Dawn,” will feature works on canvas, brick, and paper, varying in size from 3’x2’ to large-scale works measuring over 6’x6’. The opening reception will be Saturday, September 8th, from 7-11pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through September 29th, 2012.

With the face of the same wide-eyed and sharp-featured woman starring in each portrait, Rone creates a modern legend. Separately, each piece is an autonomous work, existing through its own beauty, but when viewed together a narrative is opened, leaving us to wonder what led to the birth of this icon. In “Darkest Before the Dawn,” Rone tells us that his feature character stands as a symbol for the possibility of assimilating our worst moments into a new strength.

By incorporating a variety of techniques, Rone deliberately infuses each piece with the textures he readily encounters when working out in the streets. The build-up and deconstruction of multiple layers is a fluid, free flowing way of revealing a composition by letting it come about itself. The medley of patterns and textures embody the continuity of time passing, while the woman in the midst of it all personifies grace overcoming deterioration.

From Rone:

We all have moments in our lives that make us who we are. These may be both tragedies and great moments that change the way we see the world. ‘Darkest Before the Dawn’ explores the concept of our darkest moments will eventually become our strengths, told through stylized portraits of a modern heroine.

I am trying to tell this story with the textures I see on the street, hand painted signage, torn bill posters and the deteriorating walls that look like they could tell their own stories. Using a palette of muted colours inspired by the fading colours I saw in Miami & Cuba, I am trying to create a sense of 80’s when style was all that mattered.

The show opens Thursday, September 8th, 7-11 pm and runs until September 29th, 2012

If you are anywhere neat San Francisco for this I highly recommend making the effort go and see this.

Photos courtesy of Rone



ParisFreeWalls is a mural program in Paris that have organized 11 walls since last November, including contributions from some of my favorite artists. It’s being curated by MSAGallery. Here are a few of the highlights from the program so far.

David Shillinglaw

Photos courtesy of ParisFreeWalls

Rone around the globe


Rone is finally back in Melbourne after his trip to the states for Basel Miami, but he didn’t go right home. Instead, he made a few stopovers along the way and put his work up in a few different countries. Here’s some of what he’s been up to since Miami.

Hong Kong
Dominican Republic
Melbourne. Rone with Wonderlust and Mayonaise
Melbourne. Rone with Wonderlust and Mayonaise (detail)

Photos by Rone