Weekend link-o-rama

A wall in Munich

Sorry this is coming a day late, but Thanksgiving and related activities took priority. Here’s what I missed posting about this week:

Photo by Luna Park

Weekend link-o-rama

ECB at work on a mural in NYC with Robots Will Kill and OverUnder

Steph is here in Philly now and tomorrow Jordan Seiler, Gaia, and Marc and Sara Schiller will be here too. Pretty good week. Plus, Art in the Streets is almost here and I’ll be in LA for that. Hopefully see some of you there. Here’s some (Philadelphia-centric) news to enjoy over the weekend:

Photo by Becki Fuller

Weekend link-o-rama

Ripo for the LA Freewalls Project

Before I head out to Vincent Michael Gallery for the opening of the Robots Will Kill show in a few minutes, here’s what’s been going on that I haven’t mentioned on Vandalog…

Photo by Ripo

Sticker Phiends III

Sticker Phiends III is the 3rd annual sticker show in Phoenix, Arizona and it opens on Friday. Two reasons that this is particularly exciting: 1. Robots Will Kill and Obey are sending some stickers and 2. it’s street art in the USA but not in LA, SF or NYC.

Where the wild things are

The film I am most looking forward to in 2009 is Where The Wild Things Are. I could go on and on about how excited I am to see it and how upset I am that I won’t be able to pay to do so (WHY MUST THE FILM BE RELEASED TWO MONTHS LATER IN THE UK THAN THE USA?), but let’s just say I want to see the movie.

Veng and Chris of Robots Will Kill have gotten me even more excited about the film and the book with their latest mural. The piece is at Espeis Outside and was curated by Brooklyn Street Art. Here’s a photo of the finished piece and a time lapse film. For more, check out Brooklyn Street Art.

Photo by Veng
Photo by Veng

Outside Insight in Belgium


Coming this weekend to my favorite Belgian city, Ghent, are some of my favorite (relatively) undiscovered street artists. Robots Will Kill is going to be there, as well as Roa and Snub23. Check out more about Outside Insight online, and hopefully somebody there will be taking photos.