Street Communications: Gaia, Jordan Seiler and Wooster Collective in conversation

Next Saturday (April 9th), I’ll be hosting an event at my school, Haverford College, which I hope you will be able to attend. I’ll be moderating Street Discussions, a panel with Gaia, Jordan Seiler, Marc Schiller and Sara Schiller. We’ll be looking at what roles and responsibilities there are on the street for both artists and advertisers. Gaia is a street artist and blogger for Vandalog. Jordan is the artist/activist behind PublicAdCampaign. Marc and Sara started Wooster Collective and their book Trespass was published last year. The event is open to the public, and, contingent on me getting organized, there might be a video uploaded afterward for anyone who can’t make it.

For those in Philadelphia, Haverford College is really easy to get to via SEPTA.

Random side-note: This is one reason why I love Haverford College. Two groups on campus (The Collection Fund and the Humanities Center’s Student Arts Fund) have come together to sponsor this event. They are fantastic.

  • Jonesyorkeis

    have you thought about putting this event on uStream?

  • Won’t be in uStream, but I’m hoping to post a video online afterwards.

  • Yes please (I’m very interested but can’t possibly be there and Brussels at the same time:)

  • Miastigsnaes

    It was a bit fare away from Denmark, so if you have a video link, pls post 🙂

  • We will hopefully have video or audio next week.