Weekend link-o-rama


Caroline and I are out in Colorado this week with my family, so art is coming second, but luckily it looks like it’s been a slow week. Here’s what I almost missed…

Photo by Nolionsinengland

Believe the Hype at Pandemic Gallery

The Yok and Sheryo

Brooklyn’s Pandemic Gallery has got a killer group show/art party lined up for later this month withBelieve The Hype!. The artists (including The Yok, Sheryo, Swampy, Darkclouds, COST KRT and UFO) and will be painting the gallery walls and selling smaller gear like zines and t-shirts. From 2-10pm on July 28th, Pandemic will be all about having some fun while surround yourself with some good art.

Photo by Sheryo

Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery Features Moody’s “America Runs on Graff”

Visually and conceptually engaging, Moody’s current exhibit at Pandemic Gallery is a trip into an alternative universe reflecting Moody’s dual graffiti and street art sensibilities. His witty and exquisitely executed “street art” pieces seem to mock not only the corporate world, but the sanitization of graffiti as it evolves into “street art.” Here are some images from the exhibit that continues through July 15th at Pandemic:

Photos by Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky

Sti(c)kman in all his glory at Brooklyn’s Pandemic Gallery

A huge fan of Sti(c)kman, I made it over to Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery yesterday to check out “20: CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF PLAYING WITH STICKS IN THE STREETS.” The exhibit — comprised of endless variations of my beloved character in different media — is the perfect celebration.  Here are a few images:

The exhibit continues through April 6 at 37 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is definitely worth checking out if you’re anywhere in the vicinity.

Photos by Lois Stavsky

20 years of Stikman

Photo by Laura Padgett

Many people may not realize it, but Stikman has been putting up his street art for nearly 20 years. He started out in the NYC’s East Village during the summer of 1992. In celebration of this major milestone, Pandemic Gallery will be hosting a Stikman solo show called 20. The show opens on March 16th and runs through April 6th.

Besides his general coolness, I do have one story to tell about Stikman: Last year I hosted some people at Haverford College to talk about street art. It was a fun event. The immediate and obvious physical results of this event were Jordan Seiler work with Haverford students and Gaia’s mural. A day or two later, I noticed stickers by some Philly sticker artists, but that was somewhat expected. I had seen those guys in the audience at the discussion. The real surprise came much later, when I discovered that Stikman had put up at least two pieces at Haverford. Both artworks are still there to this day, almost a year later. Since I didn’t spot either piece until after the talk, my guess is that Stikman’s contributions to the Haverford campus arrived when he visited for that discussion, but I can’t be sure. However they arrived, Stikman’s pieces are always a bright spot on my day, whether I’m headed to another lunch at the cafeteria or off to work.

Stikman at Haverford College. Photo by RJ Rushmore

PS, if anyone from Haverford College’s communications department is reading this because it has come up on your Google Alerts: That story was a fiction and the above photo is a faked. You will not find a blue Stikman sculpture outside of the Dining Center. Even if it is there, it must have been there for many years and has nothing to do with any event on campus that I had anything to do with. Sorry for confusing you.

PS, if you do not work at Haverford College, please disregard the above paragraph.

Photos by Laura Padgett and RJ Rushmore

NohJColey, Jesus Saves, Gabriel Specter, Aakash Nihalani & more @ Brooklyn’s Pandemic Gallery

Jesus Saves -- whose tag is just about everywhere in NYC

We made it over to Pandemic Gallery’s current exhibit ALL TALK! earlier in the week and loved the way it presented the works of some of our favorite artists whose work surface regularly in the public sphere. We also loved the incredible mix of aesthetic sensibilities. Here’s a sampling:

Gabriel Specter
Aakash Nihalani

The exhibit continues through March 11th @ 37 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent) in Brooklyn.

Photos by Lois Stavsky & Tara Murray

Mad-talented ink, brush and pen artists tonight at Pandemic Gallery

Deuce Seven

If you can make it on such short notice (sorry, my bad), Pandemic Gallery in Williamsburg has what promises to be an impressive group show opening tonight, Saturday the 17th. Paranormal Hallucinations features a group of very talented artists known for their work with ink, pen and bush and is curated by Safwat Riad. Highlights should include the late Charlie Marks, Llewellyn Mejia (aka Peyote Party), Deuce 7 and Swampy. Since tonight is probably too much short notice, keep in mind that Paranormal Hallucinations will be open through January 7th.

Photo by Deuce 7

OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A Move Indoors to Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery

For the past few months I’ve been marveling at ND’A’s and OverUnder’s pieces that have been surfacing regularly in Bushwick and Williamsburg. I’m less familiar with Labrona’s work, though I loved what I saw of his in Carmichael Gallery’s “Re-Creation 2” at the Ogilvy Chocolate Factory last year.  Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery is currently featuring the work of all three artists.  The exhibit, PAPERBOYS, continues through Sunday, December 11th and is definitely worth checking out if you are anywhere in the NYC vicinity. Here are a few of our favorite images:

OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
ND'A, photo by Damien Kelly
ND'A and OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky

Photos by Lois Stavsky, Damien Kelly and Tara Murray

Paperboys: OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A

OverUnder, Labrona and ND'A

This is a show that I’ll probably make the bus ride from Philadelphia to NYC just to see: OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A are showing together in Paperboys at Pandemic Gallery. These three guys make great images and do it with a smile and a drive for adventure (well, actually I can’t speak for ND’A, but I assume he smiles and searches for adventure too). It opens on November 19th and runs through December 11th and is practically guaranteed to be a fun show.

OverUnder and ND'A at work
One of OverUnder's artworks for Paperboys

Photos courtesy of OverUnder

Leon Reid IV at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Pandemic Gallery is hosting a solo show of Leon Reid IV‘s artwork next month. Leon Reid IV is probably better known as Darius from the duo Darius and Downey. In true Brooklyn fashion, the event is sponsored by PBR, but Reid is no hipster street artist cashing in on a fad. Over the past decade, his sculptures have pushed street art forward, and with his move into public art, Reid is a great example of street art gaining legitimacy among traditional art institutions (for better or worse).

A Decade of Public Art opens on April 16th and runs through May 8th. Here’s a video teaser: