New ad disruptions from mobstr and Eyesaw

mobstr. Photo by mobstr

Both mobstr and Eyesaw have just done some new ad disruptions. The above piece by mobstr is pretty standard, but I like that the original ad is actually showing through and makes up the text. Eyesaw has done two new ad disruptions in bus-stop billboards. The below disruption is actually right around the corner from me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look great in person, but it comes across very well in photos and it’s one less ad out there. So that’s good. Check out Hooked for Eyesaw’s other new disruption.

Eyesaw. Photo by Hooked

Photos by mobstr and Hooked

Paul Richard and mobstr

£1,000 by mobstr, part of The Commodity Series. Photo by mobstr

Because the humor in these pieces is similar, I’m throwing them together in one post.

First, mobstr‘s new series of paintings is called The Commodity Series. I’m a fan. Sort of like On Kawara, but funny. So far it’s four paintings: £1, £10, £1,000 and £10,000. And yes, I know that blogs like Vandalog are probably part of the butt of this joke, as they should be.

And then there’s Paul Richard’s latest piece. Paul is one of those hidden gems that not nearly enough people know about. He’s always on the mark. Here’s what he has to say about graffiti:

Photo by Lois Stavsky

Photos by mobstr and Lois Stavsky

Weekend link love

Billboard by Mobstr

This link post is definitely going to be a weekly thing. Hopefully it will allow me to link to things that I just haven’t had the time to cover here on the blog, my Twitter or Vandalog’s Facebook page. So here’s what you may have missed in street art this week:

  • My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses and Arrested Motion have two sets of amazing photos from Fecal Face‘s 10 year anniversary show at The Luggage Store in SF. This show has a pretty sick line up including Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Jim Houser, Swoon and Maya Hayuk.
  • Nychos’ solo show at Pure Evil Gallery (in cooperation with End of The Line) opened on Thursday. Go here for the press release sort of info or go here for photos from the opening.
  • That I May See, Matt Small’s latest solo show, opened last week at Black Rat Projects and it looks absolutely stunning. My family and I can’t thank Matt enough for his support of the Robert Shitima School in Zambia, which is where Matt and Black Rat Press have decided to donate 40% of the proceeds from this show.
  • Eelus, Logan Hicks, Eine, Lucy McLachlan and others are headed to Gambia next month for the Wide Open Walls project.
  • OFFSET has once again put together an interesting conference of creatives who will be speaking next month (October 1st-3rd) in Dublin. OFFSET 2010 will have presentations from Gary Baseman, Steve Powers, Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective and many more. Early bird tickets are available online for 150 euros (with discounts for students thankfully).
  • A very touching work of street art in Brooklyn.
  • Just Seeds has put together Resourced, a set for political posters that you can download and print at home. There are designs by Gaia, Armsrock, Chris Stain, Josh MacPhee and many more artists.
  • When I first heard about JR’s new Unframed project, I didn’t really care for it. Basically, JR is wheatpasting other photographers (often famous) photographs around in cities. To me, this sort came out of left field. I don’t mind when Blek le Rat does similar things, but with JR, I always liked the stories behind the photos as much as the images themselves. I thought that with Unframed, that aspect of the art would go away. Luckily, Angelo at FAME Festival reassured me in an email and said once I learned more about the project, these would be just as interesting as the rest of JR’s art. Because I trust Angelo, I waited and didn’t write anything about Unframed or JR’s piece at FAME Festival. Earlier this week, Hi-Fructose’s blog posted a better explanation of the project as well as some photos of Unframed taking place in Switzerland. As usual, Angelo was right and after reading that post on Hi-Fructose, I’ve been convinced about Unframed.

Photo by Mobstr

Playing catch-up: It’s a link post!

Been in NYC for the last few days. Besides being busy, it seems like the hotel I was at still hadn’t quite figured out the concept of wifi extending to all rooms in the hotel… So now I’ve got a lot of stories to post about. Here’s what I missed while I was away, though you may have read about it elsewhere:

  • I’ve actually been meaning to post about this for a while. Ken Harman from Arrested Motion and the Hi-Fructose Blog, just curated one of the better group shows I’ve seen. Some artists of particular note would be Emory Douglas (a major influence on Shepard Fairey and important propaganda-maker in his own right), Dabs, Myla, Mike Shine and Monica Canilao. A Decade With No Name is open on Saturdays and Sundays through September 12th at 54 Washington St. Oakland, CA. My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses has photos of Monica’s installation, and Spoke has photos of everything else and is where you can purchase the artwork.
  • Papergirl NY is bringing Germany’s Papergirl concept to the USA. Basically, artists get together to distribute a bunch of free art to members of the public by riding around on bikes. Their YouTube video shows what happens in a bit more detail. Papergirl NY events are taking place in New York City this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday they will be at the DUMBO Arts Center, and then Papergirl will move to The Armory where you can find them Friday through Sunday.
  • Mobstr hasn’t been around forever, but his humor can already rival Banksy.
  • Blu and Ericailcane are in Stavanger for Nuart, and their wall is one of Blu’s boldest political statements yet (after all, Stavanger is an oil-funded city, and oil money from taxes pretty much funds Nuart). Nice stuff.
  • I’m loving Shepard Fairey’s portrait of Johnny Ramone at Signal Gallery’s Beyond Punk show.
  • Graffiti in New Orleans after Katrina.
  • Luzinterruptus has made some “urban nests.”
  • I’m hoping to post some more about this in the coming days, but Jordan Seiler as written on his blog about his experiences at Living Walls.
  • Once5 aka Jeffrey Pena has a solo show coming up at My Addiction Gallery in Tucson, Arizona. Pena has a nice timelapse on YouTube of him putting up a large paper-cut in Brooklyn.

So that’s it for now, but I should be back to daily posts now.

New from Mobstr

Mobstr. He’s definitely want to keep an eye on. Always up to something. Mobstr is one of the few street artists out there who have been heavily influenced by Banksy, but are actually at least as creative as him.

Then again, I recently had the chance to meet John Fekner and Don Leicht; John is the true godfather of text-based stencils and (along with a few others) political stencils as art, so maybe we should stop crediting Banksy with that distinction. But John and Don are another (upcoming) post entirely.

Back to Mobstr. Another great piece he’s put up recently is this billboard:

A cool piece, but what really makes it work is this story from Mobstr:

When I was photographing this an old lady approached me and questioned, “Do you mind me asking why you are photographing that?”

“Because its weird init,” I replied.

“I think its stupid,” the old lady stated, “It’s a waste of space.”

…………my thoughts exactly.

Photos by Mobstr

“What Billboard” via Public Ad Campaign