New from Mobstr

Mobstr. He’s definitely want to keep an eye on. Always up to something. Mobstr is one of the few street artists out there who have been heavily influenced by Banksy, but are actually at least as creative as him.

Then again, I recently had the chance to meet John Fekner and Don Leicht; John is the true godfather of text-based stencils and (along with a few others) political stencils as art, so maybe we should stop crediting Banksy with that distinction. But John and Don are another (upcoming) post entirely.

Back to Mobstr. Another great piece he’s put up recently is this billboard:

A cool piece, but what really makes it work is this story from Mobstr:

When I was photographing this an old lady approached me and questioned, “Do you mind me asking why you are photographing that?”

“Because its weird init,” I replied.

“I think its stupid,” the old lady stated, “It’s a waste of space.”

…………my thoughts exactly.

Photos by Mobstr

“What Billboard” via Public Ad Campaign