Next week: Stolenspace’s summer group show


Stolenspace Gallery‘s summer group show opens next week, on July 7th. All the work in this show, prints and originals, will be new. The artist lineup includes D*face, Dan Witz, Eine, Miss Van, Ripo, San, Shepard Fairey, Word To Mother and a number of others. Check out the full artist list on Stolenspace’s website. Here’s a great little piece from Dan Witz that will be there:

Dan Witz

The show runs from the 7th of July (opening from 6-9pm) through July 31st.

Photos courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery

Jonathan Levine Gallery hosts Gaia and Miss Van

Two new solo shows open next week at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York that I could not be more excited about. The first is a solo show by Miss Van entitle Bailarinas, which I believe means “dancers” in Spanish. The second is Gais‘s Succession. Both will open simultaneously on May 26th for the gallery’s private reception.


















Photos via Jonathan Levine Gallery

Miss Van releases “Bunny Lover” giclee

Miss Van just released a new giclee print entitled “Bunny Lover.” In typical Miss Van fashion, the print is of a half-naked masked girl making a pouty face. Who doesn’t like boobs?


Size : 21 x 29 cm framed (11.4 x 8.3 inches)

Signed and numbered. Comes with a certificate.

Price: 180 Euros

For purchase at the artist’s online store, Princess Market


Photos via Miss Van

Weekend link-o-rama


This week was exam week, so that means that the majority of my time was split equally between studying and procrastinating with my roommates on N64 and that this week’s link-o-rama is a bit longer than usual:

Photo by RJ Rushmore

From the Street to the Cube at 941Geary

Opening today and running until August 28 is a new group show at 941Geary (White Walls, Shooting Gallery, Gallery Three) entitled from the Street Art to the Cube. There are some pieces that I am really loving for this show, especially the following pieces by Greg Gossel, Dan Witz and Best Ever.

Dan Witz
Greg Gossel
Best Ever

Yet, and this is my real issue with many group shows, there is not one cohesive theme to the exhibit at all. Street art is not really a theme anymore, when there are so many facets. This particular show just jumps around so much with the works, that I do not think it works at all. Plus, within the past few months other galleries exhibited many similar pieces (or other editions) from this particular show by Miss Van, Blek la Rat and Best Ever. When you are constantly seeing the same artists name mentioned every month, the work starts to blend and is not fresh anymore. Even worse, as RJ kindly pointed out to me, that most of the artists in this show are not even street artists, not even “once upon a time.”

I guess my point is exactly that- there is not really an interesting angle that catches my interest, which is a shame because group exhibitions either showcase high profile talent really well or brings to light a batch of new artists. This show does neither.

All images by 941Geary

Relationships at Gallery Christoffer Egelund

So I know I have not been writing for a little while, but I have been terribly busy getting ready to move to England. So I apologize, but you do have Aaron and RJ to keep you company and I am pretty sure they know more than I do. Anyways, so Mr. Vandalog himself brought to my attention a gallery show happening currently entitled, “Relationships.” Taking place at Christoffer Egelund in Copenhagen, the show features an array of sculptures, mixed media, prints, and paintings by artists including Victor Castillo, Miss Van, Mike Swaney, and Tim Biskup. As a huge Miss Van fan, I am obsessed with the “S.A.L.M. 2” print. I saw pictures of the original at her show at Stolenspace in the fall, but the prints look just as amazing.

Miss Van

For more information visit Gallery Christoffer Egelund

Picture Courtesy of Gallery Christoffer Egelund

New Miss Van Prints

Furthering to girl-ify Vandalog tonight (check out this video I posted on Facebook and you will understand that previous statement), one of my favorite female street artists, Miss Van, released new prints this week. The first is entitled “Oldies II” and is a print version of a 2005 painting.

Oldies II

The second is a reproduction of the first painting in a new series entitled “Mascaras.” This series displays a more eloquent painting style of Miss Van’s as she pays more attention to detail of the female body in a rare full nude picture.  The painting seems more alive and telling than previous works, most likely because of the more realistic aesthetic portrayed.

Mascaras #8

Both prints are available via the artist’s online store

Photos Courtesy of Miss Van

StolenSpace Summer Show

Since graduating college a few months ago, I have been forced to find other ways to pregame on the weekends other than a recurring bad romance with Natural Light and terrible displays of beirut.  Now that I am an official adult, going to art openings to see some fantastic art and gulping down the free beer is a pretty appealing alternative.  I always look forward to the shows in the Summer time because so many people go to galleries on opening night (for the booze) that the shows seem to be featuring their highest caliber artists.  Or maybe I just think so because I am five feet tall and feeling woozy after a beer.

On July 1st, Stolenspace in London will be opening their Summer group show featuring some of the biggest names in the game.  When I hear “group show,” my mind jumps to art school end of the year culminations that exhibit an eclectic array of amateur art.  This show, however, is too cool for school.  Shepard Fairey, Wordtomother, D*Face, Kid Acne, Mr. Jago, Cyclops will have works hanging alongside artists (Miss Van, The London Police, and Chloe Early) who had solo shows at the gallery this past year.

Sadly, I still will not be in London until mid-August and will miss the entire show.  I swear some higher power does not want me to see Miss Van’s art in person. Sigh

Viss Van at StolenSpace

I’ve been eyeing a piece by Miss Van in the office of StolenSpace Gallery for some time now, which is why this announcement caught my attention:

Miss Van


By Miss Van
1st – 18th October 2009

StolenSpace are proud to present ‘Lovestain’ a UK premier solo show from world renowned female street artist, Miss Van. A retrospective as well as a new body of work and taking over two exhibition spaces at StolenSpace, this will be her largest solo show to date.

Toulouse native and current Barcelona resident Miss Van started to paint her graffiti on the streets during the 90s, at the age of 18. Her overtly feminine street art was a breath of fresh air in a traditionally masculine movement of urban art and paved the way for many contemporaries. Now her infamous sultry female characters, known as her ‘Poupes’, are seen on the streets and in galleries alike all over the world.

From these pouting, sulky girls emerges a certain sensuality and disconcerting eroticism that is frank and unabashed. Their thoughts are palpable and the paintings become real in both flesh and spirit.

Miss Van creates her characters with an innovative spirit.  Affirming her style, the artist infuses into her work traits from her own personality, rendering them thus, self-portraits. It is through their fantasy that the sensitivity and fragility of the artist is expressed. She takes pleasure in playing with ambiguities, her dolls are childlike women that are equally angelic and devilish. They have a rare appeal that transcends gender-an appeal that also extends to the work that she shows in galleries.

Over the years, Miss Van’s characters keep evolving. They have become less cute and  more dangerously alluring, edgier – their sexy aura made all the more complex by their increasingly ambiguous facial expressions. The more she has moved into gallery work and can work with the nuances of more fragile media than the streets allow (pencil, for one), her characters have grown even more sensitive, subtle, and delicately rendered.

Featuring a retrospective of her work & new paintings this show will also see the release of a rare exclusive hand pulled limited edition screen print from Miss Van.exclusive hand pulled limited edition screen print from Miss Van.