Relationships at Gallery Christoffer Egelund

So I know I have not been writing for a little while, but I have been terribly busy getting ready to move to England. So I apologize, but you do have Aaron and RJ to keep you company and I am pretty sure they know more than I do. Anyways, so Mr. Vandalog himself brought to my attention a gallery show happening currently entitled, “Relationships.” Taking place at Christoffer Egelund in Copenhagen, the show features an array of sculptures, mixed media, prints, and paintings by artists including Victor Castillo, Miss Van, Mike Swaney, and Tim Biskup. As a huge Miss Van fan, I am obsessed with the “S.A.L.M. 2” print. I saw pictures of the original at her show at Stolenspace in the fall, but the prints look just as amazing.

Miss Van

For more information visit Gallery Christoffer Egelund

Picture Courtesy of Gallery Christoffer Egelund