DOLK Vs M-City

Norwegian stencil artist DOLK and Poland’s most prolific street artist M-City are set to collide when they invade the Brooklynite Gallery on April 30th for what is sure to be a show for the ages.

DOLK who is best known for incorporating strangely beautiful story-lines and a wry sense of humor in to his work will be showcasing a new collection of cutting imagery for the show. Often compared to Banksy; due to the similarities of their imagery – DOLK’s new body of work will convey more cynicism than the past, with most figures displaying enigmatic expressions. But that’s not all – Polish street artist M-CITY will also erect yet another of his infamously large scale murals using his unique graphic brand of stencil artillery that includes images of smoke-stack factories, cogs and gears, steam ships, and repetitive city blocks.

Who do you think would win this street art showdown?

M-city. Photo by Unusualimage
Dolk. Photo by Thomas Rockstar

M-City and Gaia Collaborate in BedStuy

Over the past two nights, M-City and I painted this collaborative mural on Malcolm X Blvd under the auspices of Brooklynite Gallery. It was a pleasure to work with this incredible artist and frankly the painting went swimmingly, without so much as a single conflict in our styles or vision. A big shout out to Mikeion for the fantastic documentation and the wonderful Brooklyn Street Art for the coverage

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M-City Goes 3-D

Been meaning to post this little video for a while. I’ve always wondered what a large scale three-dimensional version of an M-City factory would look like. Well, here it is! You can find out more about the Fabryka project, which opens on October 23rd, here.

Another very cool aspect of Fabryka is that you can literally watch it take shape before your eyes. A web cam has been set up in the Center of Contemporary Art in Torun to document every minute of the construction. Below are a couple progress pics – the first from a couple days ago and the second of how things were looking last time I checked. Now get onto M-City’s site and see what’s happened since!



M-City Goes 11 Stories Tall

M-City was one of the highlights of last year’s Cans Festival free stencil area, so I’m always on the lookout for their lastest work. Although not my favorite piece by M-City, it’s got to be their biggest yet, and as the saying goes, “Go big or go home.”

M-City Huge

Via Sabotaz