DOLK Vs M-City

Norwegian stencil artist DOLK and Poland’s most prolific street artist M-City are set to collide when they invade the Brooklynite Gallery on April 30th for what is sure to be a show for the ages.

DOLK who is best known for incorporating strangely beautiful story-lines and a wry sense of humor in to his work will be showcasing a new collection of cutting imagery for the show. Often compared to Banksy; due to the similarities of their imagery – DOLK’s new body of work will convey more cynicism than the past, with most figures displaying enigmatic expressions. But that’s not all – Polish street artist M-CITY will also erect yet another of his infamously large scale murals using his unique graphic brand of stencil artillery that includes images of smoke-stack factories, cogs and gears, steam ships, and repetitive city blocks.

Who do you think would win this street art showdown?

M-city. Photo by Unusualimage
Dolk. Photo by Thomas Rockstar