Weekend link-o-rama

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It’s content I missed. Check it out.

Photo by OX

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Weekend link-o-rama

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"Modern Tulipa" by Ludo

“Modern Tulipa” by Ludo

Bit of a shorter link-o-rama this week. I’ve been with my parents in Colorado, trying to get some work done on my upcoming book. The hope is that Viral Art will be released for free online in mid-June. There’s still a fair bit of work left to do though. Anyway, the links…

Photo by Ludo

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Well, it’s a slow week, but not completely silent. Here’s a bit of what we missed:

Photo by Liqen


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While I was in Stavanger… link-o-rama

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Ron English working on his mural at Nuart

For most of last week, I was in Stavanger, Norway for the 2012 Nuart Festival. Naturally, even though I was there in part as press, I spent very little time on my computer and didn’t do any blogging. So, expect a full post or two about Nuart later this week, but for now here’s what I missed writing about while I was away:

Photo by Ian Cox


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Liqen’s wall in progress

WALL\THERAPY, Rochester’s mural festival, looks like it’s going well so far. Here are a few shots of walls in progress (from Liqen, Case, How/Nosm and DALeast), plus How and Nosm’s completed mural…

Case’s wall in progress

How and Nosm at work

How and Nosm’s wall in progress

DALeast’s wall in progress

How and Nosm’s finished wall. Click to view large.

Photos by Erich Lehman

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WALL\THERAPY 2012 – Rochester’s mural festival

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WALL\THERAPY is a mural event in Rochester, NY being put together by, Dr. Ian Wilson and The Synthesis Collaborative, the same people who organized last year’s Visual Intervention. This year, artists from Rochester and around the world will be painting as part of WALL\THERAPY: Faith47, DALeast, Ben Eine, Liqen, Case, ROA, Cern, St. Monci, Mr. Prvrt, Thievin’ Stephen, How & Nosm and Siloette.

The murals will be painted July 20th-27th, so that might be a fun time to visit Rochester.

For more information about WALL\THERAPY and events surrounding the festival, check their facebook event page.

Photo by Rich Paprocki

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Weekend link-o-rama

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A freight train in Atlanta

This week has been a lot of trying to get ahead on my work, because on Saturday evening I’m headed to New York City for the night. I’ll be checking out Flash at the Wooster Street Social Club. Here’s some stuff I missed covering over the last few days:

Photo by RJ Rushmore

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Labrona and Troy Lovegates aka Other in Chile

Freshman year is almost over and soon I’ll be leaving Philadelphia for NYC and London (just for the summer though). And yet, I still have finals to study for, so I didn’t get time to write about these things…

Photo by Labrona

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