How many street artists can Hyundai rip off in 30 seconds?

Screenshot from the Hyundai ad

Major hat tip to Ian Cox for coming across this one, as well as Caroline Caldwell for alerting me to Ian’s find and for research help.

A car commercial currently airing on UK television for the Hyundai i20 appears to steal the work of at least half a dozen street artists in just 30 seconds. Here’s the ad:

I guess this just goes to show you what advertising executives mean by “inspiration”.

How many stolen pieces can you spot? Spoilers after the jump.

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Weekend link-o-rama

Nemo in London
Nemo in London

Happy weekend. Are you on the east coast of the USA? If so, are you melting?

Photo by Unusualimage

Isaac Cordal in Sweden and France

"The Family" in Nantes, France.
“The Family” in Nantes, France

Isaac Cordal sent over these recent images from his Cement Eclipses series. They are in France and Orebro, Sweden. The work in Orebro was for OpenART and the work in Nantes is for Le Voyage à Nantes and is just the start of his work in Nantes, where Cordal is currently working on an installation of involving 2000 figures.

"Follow the leaders" in Saint Nazarene, France
“Follow the leaders” in Saint Nazarene, France
"Education is not industrial" in Nantes, France
“Education is not industrial” in Nantes, France
"Stalker" in Orebro, Sweden
“Stalker” in Orebro, Sweden

Photos by Isaac Cordal

Weekend link-o-rama


As I tweeted the other day, my mind is kinda stuck on how much I wish the Parra show at Jonathan Levine Gallery opened today and not on Saturday so that I could go see it. So while I’ve been distracted by that point, here’s some of what I almost missed this week:

  • KATSU’s April Fools prank is a bit early, but still pretty funny.
  • The Outsiders / Lazarides has some really nice prints by Ron English. They are variations on his Figment image, aka Andy Warhol wig and a skull.
  • Barry McGee, Chris Johanson and Laurie Reid are showing together at City College and SF starting today.
  • Here’s a new piece from the always-interesting 0331c, but if you don’t know 0331c’s work, here’s an introduction.
  • Nice video of Eine updating one of his walls in London from saying PRO PRO PRO to PROTAGONIST. Interesting comment about street art being a thing that “looked like it would offer what graffiti promised but didn’t deliver.”
  • Nychos x Jeff Soto = Yes!
  • New work from Isaac Cordal.
  • Woah. Nice work from How and Nosm in San Fransisco.
  • Jonathan Jones is up to his old tricks of dissing Banksy to get more hits for his column, and I’m biting. He writes, “Banksy, as an artist, stops existing when there is no news about him.” Even if that is the case, is that the end of the world? Does that relegate Banksy to “art-lite”? No. Banksy is one of the most talked-about artists in the world. I would bet that the same criticism was leveled against Warhol, who I believe Jones likes. Banksy’s manipulation of the media, playing it like a damn violin sometimes, is some of his greatest artwork of all. He manipulates the media to spread a message. The best example of this was probably him going to Bethlehem to paint on the separation wall because he knew that the media would cover it. He was able to play the media to draw attention to an issue that he felt strongly about. Banksy’s paintings are sometimes great and sometimes not. But his ability to make people fascinated with him and his paintings is just as much of an art, and that shouldn’t discredit him.

Photo by Luna Park

Isaac Cordal goes kinda John Ahearn-y

Seeing this piece by Isaac Cordal for the MUU Street Art Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, I couldn’t help but think of John Ahearn’s sculptures where life-sized people sort of jump off the wall. Not that that’s a bad thing. Hell, it’s great. Isaac’s work is cool, and John’s work is too. I just want to make sure that John gets some credit as a possible inspiration for this particular piece of Isaac’s.

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Issac Cordal at RAS Gallery in Barcleona

Last Friday, Isaac Cordal‘s latest show opened up in Barcelona at RAS Gallery. Presented by SUBEN and curated by Maximiliano Ruiz, the show is a further look at the artist’s adaption of works into the gallery. Although still working outside, the artist (like most nowadays) are figuring out ways to adapt their works to translate indoors and on display. Using the environment around him, Cordal has successfully found his niche within a gallery, presenting his sculptures as commentary on the natural versus manmade in the form of interesting sculptural installations.

The show runs until 13 May at RAS. See SUBEN for more information.

All photos courtesy of SUBEN