Isaac Cordal in Sweden and France

"The Family" in Nantes, France.
“The Family” in Nantes, France

Isaac Cordal sent over these recent images from his Cement Eclipses series. They are in France and Orebro, Sweden. The work in Orebro was for OpenART and the work in Nantes is for Le Voyage à Nantes and is just the start of his work in Nantes, where Cordal is currently working on an installation of involving 2000 figures.

"Follow the leaders" in Saint Nazarene, France
“Follow the leaders” in Saint Nazarene, France
"Education is not industrial" in Nantes, France
“Education is not industrial” in Nantes, France
"Stalker" in Orebro, Sweden
“Stalker” in Orebro, Sweden

Photos by Isaac Cordal