All the cool things happen while I’m on holiday

This past week has been pretty crazy. I’ve been running around NYC seeing friends and art, and now I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the art world does not hit pause just because I’m taking a holiday. Here are some of the things I would have loved to cover on Vandalog if I’d had the time. And keep an eye on Vandalog tomorrow because I’ll be doing a big wrap up of Primary Flight.

Invader strikes London

Here are two of a few pieces that Invader has put up recently in London to coincide his with solo show at Lazarides Gallery. Invader’s started to use large bathroom tiles for these now. Although I sort of like the surprise of finding a small one hidden somewhere, the way the yellow piece below looks like it’s loving is quite nice. I think this is proof though that Invader works best on the street. Equivalent work can be found right now at Lazarides Gallery, but it just doesn’t have the same impact.

Invader Yellow
Photo by unusualimage
Photo by mermaid99
Photo by mermaid99

Invader & WK Interact @ Jonathan Levine

This is a guest post by Tanley Wong. Tanley is the Co-Founder of Arrested Motion.

Hey guys, my name is Tan and this is my first post on Vandalog. It’s an honor to be invited to back-up RJ, as we’ve long been a fan of his street art coverage “across the pond”.

On Saturday, Invader and WK Interact drew a big crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the two hard-working artists from Europe’s Street Art scene. It was a treat to see both artists create large sized works to fill the walls of Jonathan Levine’s multi-room gallery. The works from WK conveyed much raw energy and emotion as hinted in our preview. The door installations were astonishing as each one was adorned with endless details that had to be seen to be enjoyed.

Invader was equally entertaining, as his works tested your vision. Each piece required multiple looks as we deciphered the pixelated colors of each image. It was fun to see his classic “street invader” pieces remixed with the Macintosh colorways. Both artists were on hand to sign their books for their adoring fans. WK’s energy mimicked his pieces as he bounced around the gallery greeting his fans. Invader was a little more playful with his pixel shoes with rubber soles that doubled as a stamp to do a quick tag for anyone who asked nicely. He as mysterious as his reputation, but we caught a got a few shots of Invader “unmasked!” Check out the pics after the jump.
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WK-Interact at Jonathan LeVine

WK-Interact has been around forever and I think his style is pretty identifiable on the street, but his latest show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is a new direction for WK. “12 Angry Men” opens on the 27th, and while the fascination with motion is still clear, there is a new focus on faces. Can’t wait to see the whole series.




Also opening that night at the same gallery is a solo show by Space Invader. Although I love Invader’s little mosaics, this show seems MUCH less interesting. The rubik’s cubes were cool at first, and I respect that he actually takes the time to properly put the colors in the right spots on each cube, but these album covers seem boring to me. Have a look: