ECB in Cologne


Hendrik ‘ecb’ Beikirch recently opened a show in Cologne, Germany and painted a large mural to accompany the show. Beikirch’s show, Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides, is on now through May 19th at Ruttkowski:68 in Cologne, but I want to focus on his beautiful new mural.



To learn more about Beikirch and his process for this body of work, check out this video:

Hendrik ‘ecb’ Beikirch, “Greyhound – Transsib”‘, exhibition video (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany) from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo.

Photos by Nils Müller

Weekend link-o-rama

Aryz in Næstved, Denmark. Click to view large.

Just a question: Anyone wish an air-conditioned home want to trade places with me until things cool down? Anyway, here’s some linkage to what’s been going on with art this week:

Photo by Henrik Haven

Weekend link-o-rama

Bust in Amsterdam

Happy almost Halloween. It’s been a week of wasted energy, or so it seems. A potential legal wall that I was organizing has fallen through for the time being, but hopefully things are just delayed rather than cancelled. Here’s some of what I should have posted about this week:

Photo by Bust

Weekend link-o-rama

ECB at work on a mural in NYC with Robots Will Kill and OverUnder

Steph is here in Philly now and tomorrow Jordan Seiler, Gaia, and Marc and Sara Schiller will be here too. Pretty good week. Plus, Art in the Streets is almost here and I’ll be in LA for that. Hopefully see some of you there. Here’s some (Philadelphia-centric) news to enjoy over the weekend:

Photo by Becki Fuller