Kathy Grayson to open gallery post-Deitch

According to Artinfo, Kathy Grayson, the current director of Deitch Project space on Wooster Street, plans to open her own gallery after Deitch Projects closes later this year (Jeffrey Deitch is closing the gallery to become director of MOCA in LA). Deitch is such a unique space that it’s probably too early to say exactly what this means, but Grayson has already said that she plans to bring some of the staff from Deitch Projects with her. Also, she is hoping to open the space with a show with Todd James, Barry McGee and Steve Powers (much like the Street Market show at Deitch Projects in 2000), which would be just plain awesome. Unfortunately, it sounds like Swoon and Os Gêmeos could be less welcome at her gallery.

Check out the full artist on Artinfo

Jeffrey Deitch named director of MOCA

UPDATE: Jerry Saltz reports on his facebook account that “LA MoCA just announced that Jeffrey Deitch is their new Director. He begins June 1. He will soon close his gallery.” So I guess that answers that question. No more Deitch Projects.

As anticipated, The LA Times reports that Jeffrey Deitch has been named as the new director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. The nomination is a controversial one primarily because Deitch’s background is as a commercial art dealer, while traditionally the post would be filled by somebody who has worked in museums for most of their career. Also, there is the question of what will happen to Deitch’s gallery, Deitch Projects, and what role he will play in the gallery’s future.

I for one am ecstatic about this news. Deitch has been associated with many great street artists like Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring and Barry McGee, so perhaps this new position will allow Deitch to bring some of those artists into MOCA’s collection.

So, congratulations to Jeffrey Deitch on this new job. I hope that he is able to breath a new life into MOCA and bring it back from the edge of bankruptcy (okay, to be fair it was in 2008 that the museum was almost bankrupt, but it certainly isn’t in a strong position today).

Nunca : The Wynwood Walls


There are a lot of pictures out there of Nunca’s wall for the Deitch/Goldman Wynwood Walls Project during Art Basel Miami as it looked at the opening party, but not so many people saw the finished piece. Nunca continued to work on the characters, coloring and background details right up until late Sunday night, and, as you can see from the photo above, developed his mural from something really good into something spectacular. Take a closer look below:



In case you missed what Aiko, Nina, Shepard, osgemeos, Barry McGee and Clare Rojas were working on around Nunca, check out more of my photos of The Wynwood Walls here, here and here.

– Elisa

More Wynwood Walls Progress and a Peek at O.H.W.O.W.

As you may have noticed, Seth and I have been spending most of our free time away from SCOPE (not that we’ve had a whole lot so far – see what we (Carmichael) and the other galleries were busy with yesterday) down the street at Deitch’s Wynwood Walls, where many of our friends are hard at work on their murals for Thursday’s opening (Nina, osgemeos and Finok haven’t stopped since they arrived). Here are some pictures of what Nunca, Aiko and Clare Rojas’ walls were looking like last time we checked.



Clare Rojas

We also paid a quick visit to Al from O.H.W.O.W. the other night. This is a cool space. Here are some set up shots.


First, a peek at It Ain’t Fair, large group show. The Parla is beautiful.


This girl gave me one of her lollypop rings.


Here are a few of the pieces in Dark Night of The Soul.

Carmichael Gallery - SCOPE

And here’s where I wrote this post from, in case you were wondering. It’s super busy in here (it’s the SCOPE preview day) so I better get back to work!

Wynwood Walls Update: osgemeos/Nina/Finok


Things are really taking shape at the osgemeos/Nina/Finok wall on NW 2nd Ave here in Miami. If you liked the twins’ work in NYC back in the summer (also made possible by Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties), you are going to love this. Check out more progress shots of the foursome in action below!










Shepard Fairey with Deitch Projects

After maybe a month of rumors, it seems official: Shepard Fairey has some sort of relationship with the famed Deitch Projects. This piece, Patagonia, is being shown by Deitch at Art Basel.

shepard deitch projects

If this leads to an exhibition or Fairey being managed by Deitch, it could mean big things for Fairey. Over the past month, a number of Fairey’s works have changed hands on the secondary, and demand for his work seems higher than ever. I think most would agree that Fairey is a smart businessman, and there isn’t much of a smarter move for increasing the value of his work and exposing it to a more “contemporary art” audience than getting together with Deitch.

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