Wynwood Walls Update: osgemeos/Nina/Finok


Things are really taking shape at the osgemeos/Nina/Finok wall on NW 2nd Ave here in Miami. If you liked the twins’ work in NYC back in the summer (also made possible by Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties), you are going to love this. Check out more progress shots of the foursome in action below!










  • Awesome pics. Wish I was there for the making of this mural, but I was happy enough just to see it a day after it was finished. Now, time to write about it:


    it’s just another source to complement yours.

    did you see the swoon?

  • RJ

    I saw the Swoon/Ben/David piece in progress, but unfortunately left before it was finished. Did you have a chance to see it completed?

  • elisa

    Thanks, Herocious – glad you liked the photos! I could literally fill a book with all the pictures I took of the four of them – I practically camped out at the wall when I wasn’t working at Scope. osgemeos and Nina always do such lovely work, and it was nice to see Finok complement them so well here.

    Hope you caught Nunca’s finished piece, too – he worked until late Sunday night to fill in all the details. I’ll post pics soon.

    I left Miami on Monday night and David Ellis was still working away on his wall with Swoon – looked like it was going to keep evolving for a bit!

    Your post on the wall is great – I’ve added you to my blog list.


  • Buzzy43226

    Amazing and nice colors