Kathy Grayson to open gallery post-Deitch

According to Artinfo, Kathy Grayson, the current director of Deitch Project space on Wooster Street, plans to open her own gallery after Deitch Projects closes later this year (Jeffrey Deitch is closing the gallery to become director of MOCA in LA). Deitch is such a unique space that it’s probably too early to say exactly what this means, but Grayson has already said that she plans to bring some of the staff from Deitch Projects with her. Also, she is hoping to open the space with a show with Todd James, Barry McGee and Steve Powers (much like the Street Market show at Deitch Projects in 2000), which would be just plain awesome. Unfortunately, it sounds like Swoon and Os GĂȘmeos could be less welcome at her gallery.

Check out the full artist on Artinfo