Weekend link-o-rama

Gold Peg

Well, it’s been quite a week for me at least. Here’s what I wasn’t posting about while I was busy breaking up fights…

Photo by Delete08

Facebook founder commisions a new David Choe

Yesterday, David Choe posted photos of a newly finished painting (as RJ pointed out last night on Twitter, this isn’t a new painting but just one that hasn’t been seen online before) that Mark Zuckerberg (that dude who invented Facebook and is worth more money than God) commissioned Choe and artist George Thompson to make. Mark has been a fan of Choe for awhile; Facebook even hired him to paint directly on their walls (which is referenced in The Social Network apparently).

Best line from Upper Playground‘s post: “Real Digital G’s know what’s up. Paintings are the new Bentleys.”

Photo via David Choe

David Choe in Japan

It’s no secret Vandalog are big fans of David Choe. I love seeing his gallery work up close and was more than excited to see his work in the Leake Street Tunnel before the Hells Half Acre Show put on by Lazarides. Never stopping for a rest, Choe has a new print out on sale through Trapeze Editions. The print is entitled Tokyo Girl and was only on sale in Japan, but now it can be ordered stateside in two sizes. The larger one (44 x 44) is an edition of five, while the smaller (17 x 17) is an edition of 76 (at a much more affordable price tag).

I also thought I would post a mini-documentary of Choe’s time in Japan at Parco Factory with James Jean at the “Secret Space.” The video was posted back in October but I haven’t seen it yet, so I thought I would share it with you guys. It’s pretty funny. I am still wondering when the larger Choe documentary will be released on DVD, if ever. Soon hopefully.

Video found courtesy of Nuart. Photo courtesy of Trapeze Editions

Weekend link-o-rama

Some friends came over today and we had a bit of a photoshoot for the upcoming line of Vandalog t-shirts. More about that in the next few days. Here’s a teaser of the shirts. So next week is going to be an exciting one on Vandalog. In the mean time, here’s what I wish I’d spent more time covering (it’s kind of Swoon and Retna heavy this week though):

David Choe and DVS hit London

David Choe and his partner DVS have been in London preparing for Hell’s Half Acre, the show we mentioned recently that Lazarides Gallery is putting on in the Leake Street tunnels. They also took some time out to paint a few pieces on the graffiti covered walls of Leake Street.

These are a few of my favorites, but Choe has a bunch more photos on his blog.

Photos by David Choe

News from the world of David Choe

Two bits of news from David Choe today.

1. Giant Robot has just released two limited edition skate decks with Choe’s artwork on them. Personally, I absolutely love the black one.

Each deck is a limited edition of just 50 and is for sale at Giant Robot’s online store for $150 (so don’t try skating on these). You can get the red deck here and the black deck here.

2. WalrusTV has posted a deleted scene from the documentary Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe. Check it out here:

Via The Citrus Report