Back from Boston link-o-rama

Rowdy and Gold Peg in Leeds
Rowdy and Gold Peg in Leeds

I missed last week’s link-o-rama because I was in Boston for the Barry McGee show at the ICA Boston. So worth the trip (more on that soon), but for now here’s what I missed:

Photo courtesy of Rowdy

Murals from FAME Festival 2012, part two

Conor Harrington

Here’s part two of our FAME Festival mural coverage, thanks to Henrik Haven and his photos. Part one can be found here. In a two-part series, we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces from FAME 2012. For part two, we’ve got walls by Conor Harrington, Lucy McLauchlan, Cyop & Kaf, MOMO, Boris Hoppek and Bastardilla.

Lucy McLauchlan
Lucy McLauchlan

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Stinkfish and Bastardilla in Valencia


Colombian artists, Stinkfish and Bastardilla, have made their way to Valencia, Spain amidst their European tours. Kicking off the journey, new murals have appeared from the two for the Poliniza 2012 Urban Art Festival. They will continue to paint around Europe and Stinkfish will conclude his European travels in London. Here’s Stinkfish’s piece in Valencia. Street Art News has photos of Bastardilla’s wall.

Photos by Stinkfish

Weekend link-o-rama

LNY in Baltimore

Caroline and I were in Baltimore this week checking out Open Walls Baltimore. If you have the chance, definitely make a trip over there. Full posts about Baltimore coming soon. Point is, between Baltimore and moving this weekend, I’ve been lax this week. Things should return to normal on Wednesday or Thursday, but in the mean time, here’s what I’ve been meaning to post about:

Photo by RJ Rushmore

Tubu community project

Painting by Bastardilla

The Tubú community is an indigenous group of families now living in the city of Bogotá, Columbia. Tubu Community is a project to help raise money to build a new home in Bogotá for a Tubú family. To learn more about the Tubú people, you can watch this video or read this info.

A new print from Stinkfish

At their webstore, Tubu Community has begun to sell prints and original art by South American and European artists to help with the effort. 100% of the proceeds from these sales go to the Tubú people. Blu, Bastardilla, Buytronick and Stinkfish have contributed original art and Eine and Stinfish have contributed prints, including a new 7-color screenprint by Stinkfish. Expect more products to be added to the webstore in the future.

Photos courtesy of Tubu Community

Swoon and Bastardilla in London

Swoon. Photo by HowAboutNo!

Swoon and Bastardilla, two artists who were in this year’s FAME Festival, have got some new work up in London recently. Swoon is in London as part of the current group show at Black Rat Projects, something I’ll be posting about soon.

Bastardilla. Photo by Hookedblog
Bastardilla detailed. Photo by Claudelondon
Bastardilla detailed. Photo by Claudelondon
Swoon. Photo by Marie A.-C.
Swoon. Photo by Claudelondon

Photos by Hookedblog, Claudelondon, HowAboutNo! and Marie A.-C.

Bastardilla at BLK River and FAME festivals

FAME Festival

Like Roa, Bastardilla is another artist who has been traveling a bit around Europe this summer participating in street art festivals. A few weeks ago, she was at FAME Festival, and now she’s just finished some walls at BLK River. Here are some of my favorites by this artist from Bogota, Columbia.

BLK River Festival

And a special thanks to Stickboy, as I think he introduced me to Bastardilla’s art a while back.

FAME Festival
FAME Festival

Photos by FAME Festival and Scarygami