Great In ’08: Street Artists Pick Their Favorites

Update: Check out the other posts in this series here.

Unless you live in a strange world where time does not exist, we’re coming to the end of 2008. As my contribution to street art’s end-of-year/Christmas/Hanukkah/winter solstice activities, I’ve organized a series of posts which will run from tomorrow until the end of the year.

What’s so special about these posts? I’ve asked a number of street artists one question: “Who is one artist doing really great work right now?” and given them the chance to respond and “gift” a post to the artist or artists that they’ve chosen.

Starting tomorrow, and continuing for the rest of the month (or at least until Boxing Day), I’ll be posting one of these responses every day, along with photos of work by chosen the artists.

Here’s a small selection of the artists who will be sharing some of their favorite artists with Vandalog readers in the coming weeks:






White Noise 2(night)

Black Rat Press’ group show White Noise opens tonight (in a few minutes actually), and as usual, I’ll be twittering live.

The show has work from a very diverse group of artits, from Matt Small to Blek le Rat.

Just a reminder for those who are a bit confused when I say I’ll be twittering the show: Twitter is a “micro-blogging” site, and when I go to openings, I post comments and photos live at That means that even if you can’t be at the opening you’ll be among the first to see images and hear about it.

Lost In Glimmering Shadows – Faile

Faile’s show Lost In Glimmering Shadows opened this week to much publicity and fanfare, and if you haven’t seen it yet, trust me, if have the opportunity, you have to go. It completely makes up for the fact that Swoon’s Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea was in New York. I was going to write a full review, but Graffoto has done a great job with this one, so check out their’s.

Faile canvas. Photo by RJ
Faile canvas. Photo by RJ

Also, I twittered the show live, which is something I think I’m going to do again in the future as well. With twitter, I can post photos instantly from my phone. It worked out really well, and the images came out much better than I originally expected. To make sure you get all my twitter updates from future shows, you can “follow” my feed on twitter, but I’ll also make sure to let you know here on the blog when I plan on twittering an event.

Twitter Feed for Faile Show

For those who haven’t heard already, Faile has a show opening this week in London called Lost In Glimmering Shadows. I’ll be at the preview tomorrow night, and if all goes well, I’ll be twittering the show, possibly including some photos, on Vandalog’s twitter.

From what I’ve seen so far, this promises to be one of the year’s top shows, with lots of new imagery. Some of those new images are currently pasted on the street of Shoreditch, so be sure to have a look.

This is my first time using twitter, so we’ll see how it goes. For those who aren’t geeky like I am, twitter is a “microblogging” platform that is designed for posts up to 140 characters in length. It is great for something like the opening of a show, because you can read my mini updates as they happen, and I can send updates easily from my phone.

So check the twitter feed tomorrow evening for live coverage of the opening of Lost in Glimmering Shadows.

Vandalog Launches

Tonight I’m finally turning on Vandalog is (yet another) website about street art. It has a few components to it.

I’ve been posting photos to flickr and, and while I don’t have WK’s camera, I walk around a lot, so I have a good deal of street pieces photographed.

Though not through, the thing I am most excited about working on is a wiki about street art that I am trying to start on Wikia called (no surprise here) Wiki Street Art. Right now, I have done absolutely nothing on it because I am in extremely busy applying for university, so I guess that’s more a long-term thing. Once I am slightly less busy though, my goal on Wiki Street Art is to fill the gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage of street art that they really don’t need to fill. For example, Wikipedia should and does have a great article on Banksy, but they don’t have anything at on K Guy. As much as I love K Guy’s work, he probably isn’t notable enough yet for his own article on Wikipedia. Wiki Street Art, on the other hand, will have a K Guy article.

Vandalog also has a blog about street art (where you are now if you are reading this), and it is the reason I’m launching now instead of waiting for my schedule to calm down a bit. I’m sitting on a few interviews with artists that I just really want to post for the benefit of all their fans. I’ve posted an interview with Know Hope, and there will be at least one more artist interview posted in the next week, possibly two.

In addition to interviews with artists, the blog is going to have interviews with gallery directors, info on print releases and gallery shows, photos of pieces on the street, and various other features.

Hope you enjoy the site, and please, feel free to email me any suggestions if you think Vandalog could be improved.