Vandalog Launches

Tonight I’m finally turning on Vandalog is (yet another) website about street art. It has a few components to it.

I’ve been posting photos to flickr and, and while I don’t have WK’s camera, I walk around a lot, so I have a good deal of street pieces photographed.

Though not through, the thing I am most excited about working on is a wiki about street art that I am trying to start on Wikia called (no surprise here) Wiki Street Art. Right now, I have done absolutely nothing on it because I am in extremely busy applying for university, so I guess that’s more a long-term thing. Once I am slightly less busy though, my goal on Wiki Street Art is to fill the gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage of street art that they really don’t need to fill. For example, Wikipedia should and does have a great article on Banksy, but they don’t have anything at on K Guy. As much as I love K Guy’s work, he probably isn’t notable enough yet for his own article on Wikipedia. Wiki Street Art, on the other hand, will have a K Guy article.

Vandalog also has a blog about street art (where you are now if you are reading this), and it is the reason I’m launching now instead of waiting for my schedule to calm down a bit. I’m sitting on a few interviews with artists that I just really want to post for the benefit of all their fans. I’ve posted an interview with Know Hope, and there will be at least one more artist interview posted in the next week, possibly two.

In addition to interviews with artists, the blog is going to have interviews with gallery directors, info on print releases and gallery shows, photos of pieces on the street, and various other features.

Hope you enjoy the site, and please, feel free to email me any suggestions if you think Vandalog could be improved.