Lost In Glimmering Shadows – Faile

Faile’s show Lost In Glimmering Shadows opened this week to much publicity and fanfare, and if you haven’t seen it yet, trust me, if have the opportunity, you have to go. It completely makes up for the fact that Swoon’s Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea was in New York. I was going to write a full review, but Graffoto has done a great job with this one, so check out their’s.

Faile canvas. Photo by RJ
Faile canvas. Photo by RJ

Also, I twittered the show live, which is something I think I’m going to do again in the future as well. With twitter, I can post photos instantly from my phone. It worked out really well, and the images came out much better than I originally expected. To make sure you get all my twitter updates from future shows, you can “follow” my feed on twitter, but I’ll also make sure to let you know here on the blog when I plan on twittering an event.

Pour Me Some Smoke

I’ve been looking forward to the “Pour Me Some Smoke” show at the Carmichael Gallery for while now, and I won’t even get a chance to see it in person. PMSS has work from Charming Baker and Case, two of my favorite artists, as well as Guy Denning, Ian Strawn, and TRXTR, and it opened last night.

Here’s a bit on my Case and Charming Baker:

Artasty recently posted an interview with Charming Baker, so instead of trying to explain his work, I’ll let the artist himself give it a shot:

Describe your work to a blind person

I like it when something’s not quite right. I like to take people along a path which leads to a place they don’t expect to be. They might discover a personal or political subtext, they might simply enjoy the view. The effect I’m aiming for in my work is that slightly unnerving feeling you get when you have your arse patted in public, but you’re not exactly sure who’s patting it.

I’ve mentioned Case before, because he just had two pieces at Outside In, so some readers may remember how much I love his work. He’s part of the Ma’Claim crew with Akut (of Herakut), and just beginning to get exhibited in galleries around the world. He’s got another two pieces at PMSS, and I think they’re a bit more typical of his work than what he had at Outside In. No doubt fantastic stuff, but I do worry that “Rosemary’s Step Sister” is just a tiny bit too creepy to want on your wall.

Rosemary's Stepsister by Case. Image from carmichaelgallery.com
Rosemary's Stepsister by Case. Image from carmichaelgallery.com

Herakut Show In London

Camp Barbossa has announced a new show which starts November 28th. “Dirty Laundry” is a solo show for the Germany street art duo Herakut.

From campbarbossa.com:

New Works by Herakut

28th Nov through to 7th Dec 2008

Preview 27th Nov 6.30pm – 9.30pm (RSVP info@campbarbossa.com)

22 Wellington Street
Opera Quarter
Covent Garden

Campbarbossa are pleased to present a very special commission-only Herakut show.

For the uninitiated, Herakut are unlikely collaborative German artists extraordinaire, the cunning confluence of aliases Hera and Akut and the finest artistic alliance of Frankfurt and Efurt the modern art world has to offer. It’s not like we’ve actually researched this part but if there’s a finer alliance we’d like to know.

All the works on display are new, pre-commissioned pieces. So this is simply an opportunity to come along, hang out, have a fine time, admire Herakut’s increasingly bold, unique body of work – the strangely beautiful union of Akut’s photorealist spray paint and Hera’s distinctively scratchy, sexualised, everyday world.

And if that hasn’t whet your appetite come down and tell us why.

Faile – Lost In Glimmering Shadows

Wow. Just got back from Lost In Glimmering Shadows, Faile’s show which opened tonight in London. Looks like a few people were watching my twitter feed, which had instant photo updates as the night went on. Tomorrow I’ll post a more detailed review, but for now, check out a few of the photos I took (on my cameraphone, so not great quality) below, and check out this set of great photos from Edwin Bartlett on flickr for quality shots of all the work.

If you have a chance, go see this show!

The main floor, including prayer wheels. Photo by RJ
The main floor, including prayer wheels. Photo by RJ

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Twitter Feed for Faile Show

For those who haven’t heard already, Faile has a show opening this week in London called Lost In Glimmering Shadows. I’ll be at the preview tomorrow night, and if all goes well, I’ll be twittering the show, possibly including some photos, on Vandalog’s twitter.

From what I’ve seen so far, this promises to be one of the year’s top shows, with lots of new imagery. Some of those new images are currently pasted on the street of Shoreditch, so be sure to have a look.

This is my first time using twitter, so we’ll see how it goes. For those who aren’t geeky like I am, twitter is a “microblogging” platform that is designed for posts up to 140 characters in length. It is great for something like the opening of a show, because you can read my mini updates as they happen, and I can send updates easily from my phone.

So check the twitter feed tomorrow evening for live coverage of the opening of Lost in Glimmering Shadows.

Preview: Outside In Show

Tomorrow night is the start of something that I’m really excited about: Prescription Art‘s Outside In show.

I stopped by the Truman Brewery today to see how it was going and to snap a couple photos. They’re all on my flickr here, but I’ve put one below. Prescription Art also has this official teaser image on their flickr.

Damon Ginandes
Damon Ginandes. Photo by RJ

I didn’t see too much, but what I did see I am really excited about. I’m a huge fan of Case (part of the Maclaim crew along with Akut), and think he is one of the best artists that nobody in the UK seems to have heard of, so it’s great to see some of his work in London. Dscreet has a pretty unique piece there, which I think most people who like Dscreet will like. Zeus’ work is very different from his big 3d pieces, and there is a preview on my flickr, but you’ll just have to go in person to see what is so great about it. Rowdy has some really cool pieces as well. Like Sweet Toof, his gallery pieces are very different from his street pieces, but still great. Damon Ginandes is another artist who I think is very undervalued right now. He’s got a few pieces in the show, and I’d be more than happy to take home any one of them. Jpegs do not do justice to FKDL’s work. Seeing online, I was unimpressed, but actually seeing it in the gallery and getting up close to it, I began to appreciate why he is in the show. It’s really cool stuff. Similarly, I’d never really understood what people liked about Cake’s work through seeing it on flickr, but she has a few pieces that I really like and I’ve changed my mind about her. I’d never seen Freek Van Haagen’s work before, but it blew me away. He’s got a few really strong pieces at the show. I didn’t see any work from Bortusk Leer or Broken Crow, but that’s why I’m going back tomorrow.

Also, for tomorrow, I’ll be posting an interview with Damon Ginandes.

Isolitude: Mike Marcus & Amie Slavin

Jealous Gallery presents…
Mike Marcus and Amie Slavin
(06/11/2008 to 16/11/2008)

Newly opened in Crouch End, Jealous Gallery is hosting a two-week installation ‘Isolitude’ by artists Mike Marcus and Amie Slavin. Mike Marcus is a street artist and photographer who currently works in London and Tel Aviv,  Amie Slavin is a sound artist currently involved in the Liverpool Biennial project. Work installed in the gallery coincides with paste-ups by Mike Marcus in the local area of the gallery, and in central London, Paris and New York. Amie Slavin’s intriguing soundscape of late night revelers and ambient urban background noise interacts with Marcus’s over life-size paste up figures to transform the space into an unsettling and disorientating exploration into the sociology and psychology of modern urban life.

A small edition of 35 signed 6 colour screenprints will be released to coincide with the exhibition. To pre-order please contact the gallery (details below). Please note that this is the first official exhibition of Mike Marcus’s street work in London. Any other work shown is unsanctioned and displayed without permission of the artist.

The show will run 06/11/2008 to 16/11/2008, open 10am – 6pm, closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, entrance is free. Please feel free to contact Ellie Phillips on ellie@jealousgallery.com.

Recent Shows

Thought I’d make a short list of links to some of this week’s street art exhibitions.

1. Shepard Fairey‘s latest exhibit, in DC, has opened, and the opening looks like it was great. Very jealous of whoever got to attend. Arrested Motion has the details.

2. Chris Stain has an online show at Dirty Pilot with some pretty cool stencils. I have a version of the image below (just the center bit though), and it is one my favorite pieces in my collection. Really strong imagery.

Chris Stain - From Here You Can See Tomorrow
Chris Stain - From Here You Can See Tomorrow

3. The Thaw, a group show for charity, opened in London. Matt Small, Pure Evil, Cept, and many others have work in the show. The Thaw raises money for Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

4. Dain‘s show, Time Machine, at the Brooklynite Gallery has opened this week as well. Arrested Motion once again has the details and more photos.

Dain - Betty Davis
Dain - Betty Davis

5. Burning Candy with Sweet Toof, Cyclops, and Tek 33 is in London at the Satorial Gallery. Looks cool, though I haven’t been yet. Possible updates on this when I get over there, in the mean time, check Graffoto.

6. Frieze Art Fair of course was this weekend in Regent’s Park. Personally, I was unimpressed by 90% of the work, but no doubt there was some good work such as Jake and Dinos Chapman model at the White Cube booth, and some life size army men. Graffoto has some great photos, and I’ll upload my low-quality camera-phone ones tomorrow (my usual camera broke).

7. Art of the State seems to have beat me to posting show round ups this weeks, and they have the info on the exhibits at the Truman Brewery. Opus Art put on Kounter Kulture with all of thier best artists, and Dave White has Planes, Tanks and Automatics.