Pour Me Some Smoke

I’ve been looking forward to the “Pour Me Some Smoke” show at the Carmichael Gallery for while now, and I won’t even get a chance to see it in person. PMSS has work from Charming Baker and Case, two of my favorite artists, as well as Guy Denning, Ian Strawn, and TRXTR, and it opened last night.

Here’s a bit on my Case and Charming Baker:

Artasty recently posted an interview with Charming Baker, so instead of trying to explain his work, I’ll let the artist himself give it a shot:

Describe your work to a blind person

I like it when something’s not quite right. I like to take people along a path which leads to a place they don’t expect to be. They might discover a personal or political subtext, they might simply enjoy the view. The effect I’m aiming for in my work is that slightly unnerving feeling you get when you have your arse patted in public, but you’re not exactly sure who’s patting it.

I’ve mentioned Case before, because he just had two pieces at Outside In, so some readers may remember how much I love his work. He’s part of the Ma’Claim crew with Akut (of Herakut), and just beginning to get exhibited in galleries around the world. He’s got another two pieces at PMSS, and I think they’re a bit more typical of his work than what he had at Outside In. No doubt fantastic stuff, but I do worry that “Rosemary’s Step Sister” is just a tiny bit too creepy to want on your wall.

Rosemary's Stepsister by Case. Image from carmichaelgallery.com
Rosemary's Stepsister by Case. Image from carmichaelgallery.com