Preview: Outside In Show

Tomorrow night is the start of something that I’m really excited about: Prescription Art‘s Outside In show.

I stopped by the Truman Brewery today to see how it was going and to snap a couple photos. They’re all on my flickr here, but I’ve put one below. Prescription Art also has this official teaser image on their flickr.

Damon Ginandes
Damon Ginandes. Photo by RJ

I didn’t see too much, but what I did see I am really excited about. I’m a huge fan of Case (part of the Maclaim crew along with Akut), and think he is one of the best artists that nobody in the UK seems to have heard of, so it’s great to see some of his work in London. Dscreet has a pretty unique piece there, which I think most people who like Dscreet will like. Zeus’ work is very different from his big 3d pieces, and there is a preview on my flickr, but you’ll just have to go in person to see what is so great about it. Rowdy has some really cool pieces as well. Like Sweet Toof, his gallery pieces are very different from his street pieces, but still great. Damon Ginandes is another artist who I think is very undervalued right now. He’s got a few pieces in the show, and I’d be more than happy to take home any one of them. Jpegs do not do justice to FKDL’s work. Seeing online, I was unimpressed, but actually seeing it in the gallery and getting up close to it, I began to appreciate why he is in the show. It’s really cool stuff. Similarly, I’d never really understood what people liked about Cake’s work through seeing it on flickr, but she has a few pieces that I really like and I’ve changed my mind about her. I’d never seen Freek Van Haagen’s work before, but it blew me away. He’s got a few really strong pieces at the show. I didn’t see any work from Bortusk Leer or Broken Crow, but that’s why I’m going back tomorrow.

Also, for tomorrow, I’ll be posting an interview with Damon Ginandes.