Katowice Street Art Festival – part 1

Escif. Photo by Foto Sigma DP1S

Poland is playing host to some of the world’s most talented street artists and muralists for the Katowice Street Art Festival. From April 20th to the 29th, the festival will feature artists such as Escif, Hyuro, Mark Jenkins, Ludo, M-City, Olek, Roa, Moneyless, and many more. Here are a few of the pieces already in progress or completed. There are many more photos on the festival’s facebook page.

Fantastic piece by Olek. Courtesy of Arrested Motion.

Ludo’s piece is a massive wheatpaste that incorporates paint. It looks great, but the one worry I have for this piece is that someone will probably have to paint over the eyesore that’s left when the paper weathers and inevitably comes down.

Ludo. Photo by Wojciech Nowak
Mark Jenkins. Photo by Foto Sigma DP1S
Hyuro in progress. Photo by Paweł Mrowiec
Tellas and Moneyless. Photo by Tellas

Photos by Foto – Sigma DP1S, Wojciech Nowak, Tellas and Paweł Mrowiec, also courtesy of Arrested Motion

Via Arrested Motion and Street Art News

New walls in Baltimore

Maya Hayuk. Photo by Martha Cooper

Thanks to Open Walls Baltimore and also Martha Cooper, there are a lot of new murals coming up in Baltimore these days. Here are a few from Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Nick Mann aka Doodles and Interesni Kazki for Open Walls Baltimore and a wall by Never2501 and Pixel Pancho organized by Martha Cooper.

Swoon. Photo courtesy of Open Walls Baltimore
Never2501 and Pixel Pancho. Photo by Martha Cooper
Interesni Kazki. Photo courtesy of Open Walls Baltimore
Nick Mann aka Doodles. Photo by Martha Cooper
Nick Mann aka Doodles. Photo by Martha Cooper

Photos by Martha Cooper and courtesy of Open Walls Baltimore

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Weekend link-o-rama

Jack Murray aka Panik ATG

Exciting week next week: Troy Lovegates and Labrona will be coming to Haverford to paint a mural here, so look forward to some pictures of that… If I find the charger for my camera. Also, I’ve taken the plunge and I’m finally on Instagram. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Photo by Jack Murray

Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 3

Angry Woebots. Photo by Bill Dickinson

Our coverage of all the murals for Art Whino‘s G40 Art Summit finishes with work by Pixel Pancho, Angry Woebots, 2501, Jaz and Lelo. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. My goal over these posts was to get completed photos of every mural. Unfortunately we didn’t accomplish that goal, but I got close and at least posted all of the major ones. Such is the curse of trying to only use photos with the photographer’s permission… Anyway, most of the last of the G40 Art Summit murals can be found after the jump. Continue reading “Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 3”

Weekend link-o-rama

ND'A in Bushwick

This week I’ve got a rather major correction to make. A few days ago, I wrote about a piece by Jeice2 where it looked like he went over a bunch of tags with with a poster. Turns out, the poster was just taped on for the purpose of a photograph, and so the graffiti was not covered.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been looking at this week:

Photo by Mike Pearce

Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 2

Pixel Pancho. Photo by sammiches18

Our coverage of all the murals for Art Whino‘s G40 Art Summit continues with work by Pixel Pancho, La Pandilla, Angry Woebots, 2501, Roa, Jaz, Lelo and Scribe. Check out part 1 here, and expect the final installment in this series later in the week.

Angry Woebots. Photo by sammiches18

More after the jump… Continue reading “Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 2”

Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 1

Pixel Pancho. Photo by Bill Dickinson

Art Whino‘s G40 Art Summit resulted in almost two dozen new murals for Richmond, Virginia this month. Congrats to Art Whino. It looks like they have put together a really amazing festival and transformed at least a part of the city. Starting with this post and continuing for one or two more, I’ll be trying to show all of these new murals. First up, we have work by Pixel Pancho, Roa, Gaia, Aryz, Jaz, Lelo and Scribe.

Aryz. Photo by Marc Schmidt

See more after the jump… Continue reading “Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 1”

Weekend link-o-rama

Specter for Open Walls Baltimore

This week’s link-o-rama is a few days delayed. Parents were in town earlier this week and even came to an event some friends of mine organized at Haverford College: A talk by Jayson Musson (the artist who created and plays the character Hennessy Youngman). I don’t think my mom was amused. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Photos by Martha Cooper

G40 Art Summit murals

Aryz for the G40 Art Summit

By this weekend, the G40 Art Summit will have brought 19 new murals to Richmond, Virginia. This year’s version of Art Whino‘s annual event includes 19 new walls by muralists from around the world and an indoor group exhibition with over 500 artists across 6 locations. You can go here for more about the indoor show, which opens this evening. Once all the murals are done, you can expect a massive post here on Vandalog with photos of a lot of them. Artists painting murals include Aryz, Gaia, Jaz and Roa. For now, here are two videos of walls in-progress:

Photo by Shane Pomajambo

La Pandilla and Trek Matthews for Living Walls Concepts

Trek Matthews

Keeping with their tradition of bringing attention to under-appreciated artists, the latest edition of Living Walls Concepts (the mini festivals organized by the Living Walls organization) has just the duo La Pandilla to Atlanta where they were matched up with local artist Trek Matthews. Although I’d heard of Trek Matthews and La Pandilla, I definitely haven’t followed them closely. Now though, particularly with La Pandilla, I’m going to have to pay more attention. Here’s what Living Walls’ Joshua Rackliffe had to say about these artists:

La Pandilla (Puerto Rico) and Trek Matthews (Atlanta, GA) were the latest participants of Living Walls Concepts. Over the course of a week, the artists produced a mural in the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The duo behind La Pandilla created a piece true to their signature imagery of contoured, meticulous animal hybrids; their mural was installed with only brushes and Chinese ink, leaving behind a large format piece of art that activated the neighborhood and instigated ideas of enhancing the public space adjacent to the work. Several hundred feet away, emerging artist Trek Matthews painted the wall at Wylie & Carroll Street in the heart of Cabbagetown. His work combines imagery of tribal, geometric, and sacred iconography. The end result: a well-decorated and thoughtful design that blends itself into the urban landscape.

La Pandilla. Click image to view large

Photos by Bonham Johnson