Nuart 2010: Landmarks


Stavanger’s Nuart festival is well under way right now with some huge walls finished or in progress. This year’s Nuart is called The “Landmark” Series, and artists are not taking the challenge lightly. While in Stavanger last year, I thought that the city had been pretty transformed by street art, but now things are getting bigger than ever. A few weeks ago, Elisa posted here about Dotmasters’ Toy piece, but that’s just the start of what’s been going on.

Vhils in progress
EVOL didn't actually go huge, but he made a bunch of these (check out the Know Hope tag that was already on the box)
Alexandros Vasmoulakis

And I mentioned this piece by Blu and Ericailcane a while back, but didn’t actually post photos, so here are some photos of it:

Photos by kalevkevad

Blu paints the first wall at this year’s BLK River

This year’s BLK River Festival has officially begun with this crazy new wall from the master of huge walls, Blu. Of course, Blu isn’t the only artist who will be beautifying Vienna over the next few weeks. Other artists involved in the festival this year include John Fekner, DTAGNO, Know Hope, Ox, Sam3 and Brad Downey. I don’t know if I could put together a much better and more eclectic street art festival.

The wall in progress

Photos by Scarygami

More from TOSAT

Imminent Disaster

The other day, Gaia posted about Toronto Street Advertising Takever (TOSAT). Because this is such a cool project and I have a lot of respect for PublicAdCampaign, the event organizer, I wanted to just post a view more photos from TOSAT. For more about what exact TOSAT is, check Gaia’s post.

These pieces by Imminent Disaster, Ox and Sean Martindale were some of my favorite billboards from the event.

Sean Martindale. Photo by Martin Reis

Photos courtesy of TOSAT and by Martin Reis

Dotmasters at Nuart

I love this wall Dotmasters recently painted at Nuart. It’s not easy to be cute without getting lame and cutesy.

– Elisa

PS If you haven’t seen the tower Blu and Ericailcane painted for the festival, check out the photos on Unurth. Then keep an eye out for updates on the Nuart twitter and blog – there are a lot of great artists still to come. I also did an interview with Martyn (the festival’s curator) for the next issue of The Art Street Journal. It was great to listen to his thoughts on the festival and its swift growth. The media has a tendency to throw the spotlight on the artists, but I believe it’s also very important to recognize the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make things happen. Martyn is one of those people and if you’re a reader of the journal, I hope you find our conversation as interesting as I did.