La Pandilla and Trek Matthews for Living Walls Concepts

Trek Matthews

Keeping with their tradition of bringing attention to under-appreciated artists, the latest edition of Living Walls Concepts (the mini festivals organized by the Living Walls organization) has just the duo La Pandilla to Atlanta where they were matched up with local artist Trek Matthews. Although I’d heard of Trek Matthews and La Pandilla, I definitely haven’t followed them closely. Now though, particularly with La Pandilla, I’m going to have to pay more attention. Here’s what Living Walls’ Joshua Rackliffe had to say about these artists:

La Pandilla (Puerto Rico) and Trek Matthews (Atlanta, GA) were the latest participants of Living Walls Concepts. Over the course of a week, the artists produced a mural in the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The duo behind La Pandilla created a piece true to their signature imagery of contoured, meticulous animal hybrids; their mural was installed with only brushes and Chinese ink, leaving behind a large format piece of art that activated the neighborhood and instigated ideas of enhancing the public space adjacent to the work. Several hundred feet away, emerging artist Trek Matthews painted the wall at Wylie & Carroll Street in the heart of Cabbagetown. His work combines imagery of tribal, geometric, and sacred iconography. The end result: a well-decorated and thoughtful design that blends itself into the urban landscape.

La Pandilla. Click image to view large

Photos by Bonham Johnson