VSP in Portugal

It’s highly unlikely that many of you have ever heard of the Portuguese collective known as VSP (Visual Street Performance). But some of our avid readers may recognize the name of one of their members known as Vhils. For those of you who aren’t already in the know VSP have been holding a yearly exhibition for the past 5 years in the capital of Portugal, Lisboa. This year however the crew  decided to take things up a notch by showcasing their skills to the city of Porto for the very first time. Whilst the display only took place over the course of 4 days, street artists from across the nation flocked to the event to catch a glimpse at the some of the best street artists Portugal has on offer. Check out some photos from the event below!

Check out more from the event on Target’s blog.

Photos courtesy of Miss K

Paint Club

The urban art association PAINT CLUB is a global institution offering an official platform for all urban artists. Talented illustrators, designers, comic and street artists from across Europe will be given the chance to compete against each other in an international tournament. Check out the video below to see just what Paint Club are all about!

Photos courtesy of Paint Club

DOLK Vs M-City

Norwegian stencil artist DOLK and Poland’s most prolific street artist M-City are set to collide when they invade the Brooklynite Gallery on April 30th for what is sure to be a show for the ages.

DOLK who is best known for incorporating strangely beautiful story-lines and a wry sense of humor in to his work will be showcasing a new collection of cutting imagery for the show. Often compared to Banksy; due to the similarities of their imagery – DOLK’s new body of work will convey more cynicism than the past, with most figures displaying enigmatic expressions. But that’s not all – Polish street artist M-CITY will also erect yet another of his infamously large scale murals using his unique graphic brand of stencil artillery that includes images of smoke-stack factories, cogs and gears, steam ships, and repetitive city blocks.

Who do you think would win this street art showdown?

M-city. Photo by Unusualimage
Dolk. Photo by Thomas Rockstar

Art Monument 2010

In case you hadn’t already heard, one of this years most spectacular urban art events is already under way this month in Berlin. The event entitled Art Monument will see four famous street artists repaint a 46 meters high tower called Bierpinsel which stands tall in the center of Berlin. It promises to be one of the most spectacular open-air galleries in all of Europe. The aim is to create the ultimate piece of contemporary art and judging from what has already gone down over there these guys are not far off . The artists involved are Honet, Flying Förtress, Craig KR Costello and Sozyone – who can all be heard in the video below talking about their concepts and plans to combine their different styles. Other street art names such as Nils Kasiske, Form 76, Keramik, Mr. Nonski, Dave Decat, Dave the Chimp, Poch and Stak will also be presenting their artworks inside the prominent buildings.

For more info and photos please visit Urban Artcore

Photos from Urban Art Core

Zezao In Action

Check out this classic video of Brazilian street artist Zezao creating a very intricate piece inside what appears to be an abandoned building. Zezao is best known for hitting up his symbolic like tags in some of the most unusual of places – infamously this includes the sewer systems in Brazil. It’s a shame that Zezao opts to smash down the wall right after having finished the piece, but I’m guessing that all part of it?!

Dirty Hands – The Art and Crimes of David Choe (Trailer)

A new documentary film focusing on the life and times of graffiti artist David Choe will be presented in Los Angeles and San Francisco over the coming months by Upper Playground. The film entitled Dirty Hands – The Art and Crimes of David Choe follows the Award winning artist and uncovers the artistic trials and tribulations he has endured.

Dirty Hands is set to start screening at the Sunset 5 in LA on April 30 – May 6, and then move on to SF for showings from May 21 – May 27.