Pose – RUMBLE!! @ Known Gallery

Hailing from the Windy City, Pose made his first attempt at graffiti in 1992. Since then he has added a multitude of contributions to the Graff game and set out to conquer every medium visual art has to offer; on and off the streets. Pose and photojournalist KC Ortiz recently teamed up to combine two of their exhibits at Known Gallery. Check out some photos from the show below!

Photos courtesy of The Worlds Best Ever

New Mac Mural In Mexico

Well known for his larger than life murals, Mac recently headed south of the border to create this massive new piece in Monterrey, México. The piece can be found on the side of Monterrey’s MARCO contemporary art museum and is Mac’s first in the city itself. As for the guy in the Yankees cap, the portrait is of Régulo de Leon Santos, a parking lot attendant who works near the museum. Whilst there’s no explanation for the subject choice and I’m not incredibly sure as to why this guy caught Mac’s attention either, it may have something to do with Seres Queridos – or “loved ones” as it translates – the project Mac painted the mural for. Perhaps this guy helped Mac out in the parking lot?! We’ll never know.

Photos courtesy of Mac-Arte

Trains of Thought

Graffiti on trains has always been a controversial medium. It’s certainly one of the reasons why the movement became so popular with the train quickly becoming the medium of choice for the Graffiti Writer. It is something that has always been a vital part of the New York transit history and often spoken about by many of those who have had the experience to witness the works displayed on the subway system itself. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that Dirty Pilot’s current show, Trains of Thought, pays homage to those classic train cars NYC graffiti writers love.

It’s widely known that the vibrant New York City graffiti scene would not be what it is without the metropolis’ miles of train and subway tracks. The maze of pathways provided a moving billboard for writers to make themselves and their crews known. Trains of Thought has re- captured the true attitude of graffiti once again, by placing original art form on trains.

The project started when Dirty Pilot distributed an archival pigment print of a railcar out to some of their favorite and most infamous writers. Each artist then created an original artistic rendition of wherever their thoughts took them.

These train cars are beautifully adorned with mixed mediums and have been creatively hand embellished by the most talented New York Graffiti masters of yesterday and today.

See more at Dirty Pilot.com


Boasting an impressive team of over 30 artists, Strychnin Gallery‘s up coming show Conquistadores brings a fusion of fresh contemporary talent from both Spain and Latin America to Berlin. With globalization affecting both the Spanish and Latin American art scene, recent art contributions from both these countries seem to have dwindled and become nothing more then a footnote in the global art history books. Featuring artists whose work deals with local and national issues, Conquistadors will display a variety of traditional disciplines such as painting, installation, sculpture and photography; representing the common values of  today’s global artistic community.

Conquistadors will see works from the likes of – Basco Vazko, Herbert Baglione, Rene Almanza, JazzIzolag, Vitche, Yuske, Rodez, Gabriel Moreno, San, Dixon and Saner.

Rene Almaza

Saber – Peppers World

California based graffiti artist Saber was recently inspired to make a new short documentary entitled Peppers World about a homeless man who embraces the culture of street art. Pepper is a true street artist in the purist sense. He’s known to some by his altar ego; the Mayor of Skid Row, and he’s proud to proclaim that he’s the last homeless person on the forefront of downtown LAs gentrification.

“Pepper has a habit of decorating his immediate surroundings, wherever that might be, with multi-colored paint splats, piled on discarded toys, and other purposefully arranged found objects.” says Saber “You can frequently catch him running around the city with his red shopping cart full of freshly discarded trinkets. The print Peppers World, and the mural I painted on 7th and Mateo that it inspired, is in homage to his existence. I have enormous respect for those who can survive in such extreme conditions yet still be able to express themselves creatively”.

Pretty cool how David Choe just turns up in this video out of nowhere!

Eames Foundation In Urban Art Hot Seat

Elbow Toe

20 of today’s most celebrated street artists recently teamed up with the prolific Eames Foundation to create their very own personalized and re-imagined designs on the seat of the iconic and timeless Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair. Artists such as Aakash Nihalani, Elbow-Toe, Skewville, Darkcloud, Cake and Peru Ana Ana Peru are a few of the names who were able to add their own urban aesthetic to what is often referred to as “the cornerstone of modern furniture design” by utilizing the chair as their canvas. But what exactly is all this for I hear you ask? Well, the creation of these one of a kind chairs is all part of an online charity auction in aid of Operation Design. Whilst these chairs do look very tempting they are definitely pieces not to be sat on! So get off your ass and take a look at a few of our favorite creations below!

Dark Cloud
Matt Siren

See more at Operation Design

El Tono – Pedestrian Interaction

Keeping the urban art scene alive in Europe, Spanish street artist El Tono recently put his latest ingenious and experimental idea in to fruition by installing a number of white washed glass panels across the city of Coruña. El Tono’s idea was simple – To bring the essence of the street into the gallery. To do so El Tono would merely instigate the opportunity for the art work to be created,  leaving the entire experiments out come completely in the hands of those who should past by. But of course the plan worked and El Tono would later find creative scratches and scribbles left behind on and around his panels, enabling him to create in this way a new and unique form of street artwork. Once El Tono was satisfied with the art work that he had captured, the panels were removed and displayed in at the Fundación Caixa Galicia during the MUAU in A Coruña. I sure hope those people got some credit!

Watch El Tono at work in the video below!

“Branco de España” – Eltono, MUAU, A Coruña from EltonoVideo on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of El Tono.com

The Graffomat – Fact or Fiction?

Could you image a world where regular vending machines stood along side those stoked full of your favorite brand of spray paint? This idea is something that has probably already been the product of many street artists wildest dreams. But perhaps we have spoken too soon! Believe it or not it looks as though someone has come up with a crazy enough idea to make all those dreams come true. Although were not entirely sure as to whether this is the real deal or not, the latest street art commodity – The Graffomat is said to supply you with all of your favorite graffiti supplies such as markers, caps, gloves, and everything else that the graffiti writer need – Including ski masks! As much as I want to believe that The Graffomat is not just a hoax or a viral ad campaign, I really can’t see this being allowed to be put into production! I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of buzz surrounding The Graffomat within the next few days and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest developments. In the mean time check out this really impressive viral advert they’ve made for it!

Head over to Graffomat.com for more info!

The Krah & Milo Tchais Hit London

Here’s a look at the latest street art collaboration from London’s own The Krah and Brazilian artist Milo Tchais.

The Krah first started painting the streets and the subway trains of Athens in 1997, but his graffiti and street-art can also be seen in the streets all over Europe and places such as Tokyo and Bangkok. Since then The Krah has also exhibited in galleries both in London and internationally, as well as holding many group shows alongside artists such as Os Gêmeos, D-face, Sickboy and Swoon, which may explain a thing or two about his latest collaboration.

The piece which can be seen sprawled across the front of London’s Red Gallery (same building as the iconic Foundry) also shares it home with a number of other prolific street art masterpieces.  Artists such as Part2ism (seen below) and Roa are all known to have left their marks there.


Photos courtesy of Unusualimage and The Krah

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