ABCDEF: the gorgonzola cheese of street art


ABCDEF‘s work seems no more difficult to produce than your standard shitty throw up, and yet it seems gallery-worthy. It’s stroke-your-chin-and-ponder worthy. It’s simple and exciting.┬áThere’s this great video where a disembodied John Baldessari tells Jason Schwartzman that fine art is like Gorgonzola cheese; if you give it to a child they will spit it right out. So you start giving them Velveeta cheese, and eventually they acquire a taste for Gorgonzola as they mature. ABCDEF is the Gorgonzola of street art.


From a series done in Istanbul
From his P.B.R. series
From his P.B.R. series
From his “art is no control” series



Photos by ABCDEF