ABCDEF: the gorgonzola cheese of street art


ABCDEF‘s work seems no more difficult to produce than your standard shitty throw up, and yet it seems gallery-worthy. It’s stroke-your-chin-and-ponder worthy. It’s simple and exciting. There’s this great video where a disembodied John Baldessari tells Jason Schwartzman that fine art is like Gorgonzola cheese; if you give it to a child they will spit it right out. So you start giving them Velveeta cheese, and eventually they acquire a taste for Gorgonzola as they mature. ABCDEF is the Gorgonzola of street art.


From a series done in Istanbul
From his P.B.R. series
From his P.B.R. series
From his “art is no control” series



Photos by ABCDEF

Weekend link-o-rama

“Gemini” by Elbowtoe

I’ve just spent the last two weeks in London and it’s been great to catch up on everything that’s been going on here (even if it’s mostly that art is being replaced by billboards). Here’s what I’ve been checking out online this week:

Photo by Elbowtoe

An update on ABCDEF

Last time we saw ABCDEF he was basically painting a lot of squares and, at the time, I was not sure what “cubism” was, but if I were talking to someone who I was pretty sure also didn’t know what cubism was, I would have called it that. These more recent works look like a gallery show waiting to happen. When is SMOA going to have a deliberately-abstract exhibition?

Photos by ABCDEF