Street Art in Montréal, Canada, Fall

Labrona. Photo by Labrona.

It’s already fall! Time is running out and artists too… The weather was sweet and warm at the beginning of the season, enough to have a comfortable atmosphere conducive to creation. A real indian summer that brought some good stuff in the streets. With the collaboration of my partner in crime, Space27, my eyes in Mtl when I’m far away, and with the support of some beautiful artists, the girls of Off-Murales, Labrona, Banksy…….. oh… WAIT ! WAIT ! Banksy was in town ??? No way ! No…no… it is BadVilx!!! phew… I can show you some street art works by Labrona, Vilx, Open Mind, The chief, Oh well!, MissMe, Qbnyc, Zola, Harpy, Lilyluciole, Scaner, Stikki Peaches, Mathieu Connery.

BadVilx. Photo by Vilx.

DIFFUSER 5103_01
Open Mind. Photo by Space27.
DIFFUSER 5147_01
The chief. Photo by Space27.
Oh well ! . Photo by Aline Mairet.
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MissMe. Photo by Space27.
DIFFUSER 5119_01
Qbnyc. Photo by Space27.
Zola. Photo by Zola.
Harpy. Photo by Zola.
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Lilyluciole. Photo by Space27.
DIFFUSER 4725_01
Open Mind. Photo by Space27.
DIFFUSER 5038_01
Scaner. Photo by Space27.
photo 3_01
Stikki peaches. Photo by Stikki peaches.
Labrona. Photo by Labrona.

This last one by Mathieu Connery is not an illegal piece like the other pieces shown in this post, but it’s an amazing legal art work that one I wanted to include.

photo 2_02
Mathieu Connery. Photo by Mathieu Connery.

Photos by Aline Mairet, Space27, Labrona, Vilx, Zola and Mathieu Connery