Street Art in Montréal, Canada, Fall

Labrona. Photo by Labrona.

It’s already fall! Time is running out and artists too… The weather was sweet and warm at the beginning of the season, enough to have a comfortable atmosphere conducive to creation. A real indian summer that brought some good stuff in the streets. With the collaboration of my partner in crime, Space27, my eyes in Mtl when I’m far away, and with the support of some beautiful artists, the girls of Off-Murales, Labrona, Banksy…….. oh… WAIT ! WAIT ! Banksy was in town ??? No way ! No…no… it is BadVilx!!! phew… I can show you some street art works by Labrona, Vilx, Open Mind, The chief, Oh well!, MissMe, Qbnyc, Zola, Harpy, Lilyluciole, Scaner, Stikki Peaches, Mathieu Connery.

BadVilx. Photo by Vilx.

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Vilx, a french artist in Montreal, Canada

Oldog and birds. Photo by Vilx.

Vilx, Vilks, VxMu, (he goes by all of those names) is a talented French artist based in Montreal, Canada, since a few years ago. His perfect control of graffiti mediums permits him to work on multiple surfaces. Walls, trains, canvas… he is comfortable painting everywhere and feels free to express his art without any restrictions. This artist has a lot to say. You can feel it when you are in front of one of his artworks, whether it’s a commissioned mural, or an illegal piece you might be lucky to find on a freight train. So, I would prefer to let him talk about his art rather than do it myself!…

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