Praxis bombs Bogota with surveillance reminders


Lack of surveillance, personhood and privacy are new, modern world era problems that are hitting every  corner in major cities. In Bogota, stencil artist Praxis took on a project to create reminders all over the city of just how much we have lost our privacy.


People have all become accustomed to seeing cameras on their walk home from work, or at parks, areas that used to be public, but have become grounds of surveillance. The technological advances that allow for a surveillance culture to become normative have also engaged a new form of understanding the individual and the public space.


Praxis played with the idea of how people in Bogota would react to seeing the stencil or sticker of a surveillance camera as opposed to their reaction to a real camera. I saw a few of these in Bogota while I lived there this past year, I must say, it did kick my consciousness¬†and attention to realize that I’ve become accustomed to the prevalence on constant visual control in my everyday life.


Praxis has provided a stencil for those who want to spread his reminder in other parts of the world. Download it here.

Photo courtesy of Praxis