Weekend link-o-rama


Enjoy your Saturday. Also, if you enjoy the above photo, make sure you didn’t miss this post from earlier in the week.

  • Dr. D and Leah Leah Borromeo floated some sculptures in a London canal (near where the whole Banksy / Robbo feud went down) to comment on England’s welfare and tax policies.
  • Clet Abraham’s road signs are kinda awesome.
  • Hyperallergic has been doing an amazing job covering street art related stories recently:
    • Urban Maeztro has been putting up some very Mr. Brainwash-y posters in Honduras, but they aren’t so bad when you consider the context.
    • This artist reacted brilliantly to all the recent new about Detroit.
    • Peter Drew, who recently wrote this post for Vandalog, may be expelled from the Masters program he is taking at the Glasgow School of Art. The administration is not happy that he is continuing to do street art while enrolled at the university, which is weird because it sounds like he was admitted at least in part on the basis of his street art… Shouldn’t it be the administration’s job to support Drew now that he is enrolled there, rather than try to stifle his creativity?

Photo by Luna Park