Tim Hans Shoots… DALeast


With his trademark style of painting creatures and other things as though they are made up of hundreds of twisted metal shards, DALeast has launched himself onto the international street art like one of his animals launching at its prey. In our continuing series of photo-portraits of artists by Tim Hans, Tim met up with DALeast on the streets of London, where he has painted about half a dozen murals recently. I had a few questions for the artist…

RJ: Why do you think so many popular muralists right now are painting animals?

DALeast: If we’re look into human history, we can really see how much we love ourselves as we have already done so many artworks that describe human beings. I think it is the time to give more attention to the other beings before they disappear. Animals are really close to us, but we never see them. I wondering how many people have see a real pig even though they are eating pork everyday. Muralists found the chance to turn the city into a ‘jungle’, As we work in the public space – where the humans are.

RJ: What has been your favorite thing about London?

DALeast: I found out that I haven’t been changed by that city after I left.


RJ: Do you feel like you’re at the point where you can paint things the way you want to paint them, or are you still to reach that point with your technique?

DALeast: To reach a point of technique has never been a part of my game.

RJ: What makes you want to paint a particular wall or not?

DALeast: Fate.

RJ: Where else will you be painting soon?

DALeast: Excitement for the unknown.


Photos by Tim Hans