Tim Hans shoots… Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof 1

The secretive Sweet Toof recently invited Tim Hans over to his studio as part of Tim’s continuing series of photo-portraits of street artists, and Caroline Caldwell has interviewed the artist.

Caroline Caldwell: What influenced you to do street art? Do you remember your first time?

Sweet Toof: No one forgets the first time, its like sex, started in 1986, and still at it. I blame Beat Street and Style Wars.

C: Do you try to do different things with your work or do let it evolve naturally?

ST: It is always good to experiment, working on the street fuels the studio work. One feeds another, what ever it takes a fat roller to a fine brush. The work evolves from mission to mission.

Sweet Toof 2

C: Burning Candy represents like a graffiti crew however the work is almost entirely character based. When Burning Candy was coming together, was there discussion over whether you all identified as a “graffiti” or “street art” crew?

ST: I left BC 3 years ago…. Burning Candy is what you see is what you get. We are like minded people working with characters, letterforms, tags, pieces, throw ups. Canvas sculpture print etc.

C: What’s one of the most interesting experiences you’ve had painting alone?

ST: Sinking in Quicksand was a strange experience.

Sweet Toof 3

C: And what about when you were painting with someone else?

ST: New York with friends was killer.

C: Have you been working on anything or collaborating with anyone lately?

ST: Working on a new body of work at present, watch this space for the rest.

Photos by Tim Hans