Baltimore Invades Brooklyn: NGC Crew at Tender Trap

Those who read my posts about Baltimore graffiti have already seen the pieces, rollers, and tags of Maryland-based NGC crew. Recently, for the New York Art Book Fair, the group debuted a zine detailing their quests painting throughout the gritty spots throughout the city. Opening today, “Kids Eat for Free” expands the reach of their exploits from East to West coasts.This show as an extension of their earlier zine, both being accompanied by personal work, documentary photography, and inside jokes. Only instead of taking on Baltimore, NGC took on the entire country.



Press release:

On Thursday December 13, 2012 from 6pm – 10pm The Superior Bugout presents the opening night of Kids Eat for Free with artwork from North Carolina’s infamous NGC crew. Artists FISHGLUE, MTN, RODA and Thomas Bachman share their photos, sculptures, and diatribes of tales from their travels and mischief. Much of the work appeared in Miles Michaels’ 1480 Gallery in Detroit, MI earlier this year in August, and has now traveled with additional new work to Brooklyn.

The artists’ work documents the past Summer, traveling across America’s northeast corridor, southern and mid-western states and New York City stealing freight train rides and paint. Along the way they’ve reworked the visual landscapes of the towns they passed through with colorful signage, roller pieces, and urban scrawlings. The show will be on display throughout the new year.

Accompanying the artwork will be an experimental sound set with MIND DETRGNT BKF playing eclectic samples and sounds from his vast collection of tape cassettes.


Photos courtesy of the artists