Cash For

For those who have seen Cash4’s work on the streets, his solo show opening tomorrow presents a rare opportunity into the mind of the man behind the tags. The word play and puns seen in his stickers (Crash Floor, Cash IV, and so on) take a predominate role in his pop-inspired florescent paintings. These words of wisdom are paired with equally as humorous characters, some missing teeth while others roll their eyes at the nonsense they are surrounded by. If you were not fortunate enough to see his solo show earlier this year at Weldon Arts, this is an opportunity to not only see some astounding work, but to do so while hearing the premium tunes of Rap Gang, of which Cash4 is a member.

The press release:

On Thursday November 15, 2012 please join The Superior Bugout as it hosts the opening night of Cash4’s new body of artwork entitled CASH FOR…. Accompanying the artwork will be new sounds from the Cash4’s Brooklyn based hip-hop group Rap Gang.

The show will be on display at the Tender Trap through December 6, 2012 during hours of operation (4pm-4am).

Cash4 is a painter, illustrator, and architect based in New York City. Cash4’s fine art documents the American urban experience using simple iconography and colloquialisms (those often based on the New York Metropolitan area).¬†Cash4 likes to see his work as bridging the gap between the naive disenfranchised hooligan street kid and the pretentious overzealous contemporary gallery artist.

The Superior Bugout (a Brooklyn based party aesthetic) has been curating art for Tender Trap since the Fall of 2012. The Superior Bugout seeks to bring a synergy of sight and sound, combining elements of the streets with contemporary sound visionaries.