Book Review – Land of Sunshine

Land Of Sunshine Cover

Apart from the artwork itself, another of my favourite things to collect is books about street art and graffiti. Yes the internet is a great way to capture and preserve the artworks as they quickly disappear, but there’s something about holding a book in your hands, the quality of the photographs and colors of the works feel different on paper.

I’m really excited about this book! Land of Sunshine is Dean Sunshine‘s first book. Dean is Melbourne’s resident paintspotter. He’s always where the action is, tirelessly capturing the best of Melbourne’s graffiti and street art scene (in fact I bumped into him just the other day in Hosier Lane). Dean’s photo blog Land of Sunshine is well known to anyone into Melbourne graffiti and street art.

The book features the work of over 100 artists and also focuses in on some of Dean’s favourites: Adnate, Be Free, CDH, Deb, Drab, Heesco, Kaff-eine, Makatron, Phoenix the street artist, Slicer, Suki, and Urban Cake Lady.

The book will be available at General Pants stores Australia wide and at NGV bookstore at fed square. Also available via Land of Sunshine from mid November for local and international shipping. Here’s a couple of shots from the book.

Urban Cake Lady
AWOL – Adnate, Slicer and Itch

All photos courtesy of Dean Sunshine