Wild Style Wednesday!

Tretze and Heits in Sabadell, Spain. Photo by Startape Photographe.

Just listened to the new Flying Lotus album, if you’re wondering why all these pieces look they’ve been beamed down from the Astral Plane.

ToonsMr Pee in Paris. Photo by SOKE.
Pez and Mize in San Francisco. Photo by FunkandJazz.
Outsider in Paris. Photo by Vitostreet.
Lolo Emak. Photo by Morac19.
Dazer in Brighton. Photo by 4foot2.
Oker and Mesk in Portugal. Photo by MrDheo.
Chiba Love in Newcastle
Gary at Trellick Tower in London. Photo by Ironlak.

Photos by 4foot2Chibalove, FunkandJazzIronlak, Morac19MrDheoStartape Photographe and Vitostreet