Wild Style Wednesday!

Fabah Zadok in Sao Paulo.

“Graffiti: where community and creativity connect,” said no government ever.

Roach and Retro in Sydney. Photo by Ironlak.
Digs in California. Photo by thesaltr.
Steel Trav and Reyes in San Francisco. Photo by Heavy Artillery.
Ghey in Detroit. Photo by ExcuseMySarcasm.
Pose in Hong Kong. Photo by Ironlak.
L’atlas in Paris. Photo by Lepublicnme.
Borf in NYC. Photo by Billy Craven.
Web’s in Nantes. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Vans the Omega in Australia. Photo by Ironlak.
Musk and Phaze in East Bay. Photo by FunkandJazz.

Photos by Billy CravenExcuseMySarcasm, Fabah ZadokFunkandJazzHeavy ArtilleryLepublicnmeStartape Photographe and thesaltr