Wild Style Wednesday!

Stare in Montreal. Photo by Photofil.

Shake well.

Dek, Ras, Graphis, Snek and Leon in Sao Paulo. Photo by Graphis.
Kav in Bogota. Photo by Zomb7.
Sheuda in Paris. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Chaos and Nekst in Detroit. Photo by ExcuseMySarcasm.
MiesOne, Mynok and UrokOne in Potsdam. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Snek and Shock. Photo by P. Matheus Lacerda.
Olson in France. Photo by Olson – ONOFF.
HVA Crew in France. Photo by Saner HVA KGB.
Tizer and Solo One in Stockwell. Photo by John19701970.
Steel in Detroit. Photo by ExcuseMySarcasm.

Photos by ExcuseMySarcasmGraphis, John19701970Olson-ONOFFPhotofilSaner HVA KGBStartape Photographe and Zomb7.