Mare139 show at Skalitzers

There are a lot of writers from the subway era who have tried to break into fine art. Some are great. Some are, quite frankly, not. Mare139 aka Carlos Mare is one of the better ones, and certainly one of the most underrated ones. Through his captivating sculptures, he has been bringing graffiti into the third dimension for decades, and his b-boy sketches look like what Picasso would have sketched if he’d lived to see breaking (and wasn’t so easily distracted/inspired by young women).

This week, Mare has a solo show of his b-boy pieces opening at Skalitzers in Berlin. Physical Graffiti: Art of the B-boy Dance opens on June 9th at 7pm, there’s an artist talk on June 12th at 6pm, and then the main opening dates for the exhibition are June 13th through the 30th.

Mare at work

Photos courtesy of Skalitzers