Stand Our Ground – new print by Tes One

The murder of Trayvon Martin by (still not arrested) George Zimmerman has been making national headlines recently, and rightly so. In an effort to help raise money for the group Justice for Trayvon Martin, Tes One is releasing the above print in a few hours at 1xRun. All proceeds from the Stand Our Ground print will go to Justice for Trayvon Martin. The print goes on sale here today at noon EST.

Here’s what Tes One has to say about the print:

Laws should be designed to protect the innocent, the unarmed, the child walking back home from the corner store. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law (and similar laws in 31 states) does the opposite by giving license to any aggressor with a gun, and allowing them to claim self-defense as their reasoning to shoot and kill another person.

I created “Stand Our Ground” for people – regardless of race or gender, to stand in solidarity against the injustice this law allows. Adding awareness to the Trayvon Martin tragedy, and aiding his family in their pursuit of justice. All proceeds from the release of “Stand Our Ground” will be donated to the Justice for Trayvon Charity and their advocacy efforts.

Stand Our Ground is 18×24 inches, 3 colors, an edition of 100, and for sale at $50 each.

Image courtesy of Tes One